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“MKII is the 3rd albumby theBand Steam Powered Giraffe. Steam Powered Giraffe are a musical project formed in San Diego in 2008.

I have been looking forward to the release of this c.d for a long time, I downloaded it  off I tunes the moment it was released!

The Main members of Steam Powered Giraffe are Chris Bennet (Who`s stage name is Rabbit), Sam Luke (Who`s stage name is Hatchworth), and David Bennet (Who`s stage name is The Spine)

The band combines Steampunk and Futurism together with mime and music to create a breathtakingly imaginative act.

The main members of the band use imaginative make up, mime and costumes to give the audience at their the concerts the impression that the band are really robots.

The band’s fictional backstory explains why they pantomime as robots. According their website, the “musical automatons” were invented by a rich San Diego inventor named Colonel P. A. Walter in 1896 and kept in the Walter family over the years.

Since their previous albums (“Album 1” and “The 2 Cent Show”)there has been many changes in the band line up, Jon Sprague, recently left the band and was replaced by Sam Luke (Hatchworth). Who is my favourite member of the band.

Each album Steam Powered Giraffe has done consists of very different styles of music, their albums in the past have contained everything from Folk music to Rock.

MKIII`s style of music is very different to the bands previous album this album consists mainly of Pop, Rock and Dubstep music.

All the songs on this album are brilliant, but my favourite songs on this album are “Hatch Fever”, “Please Explain” and “I`LL Rust With You”.

Most of the songs on this albums lyrics are related to robotics or about charters the band have invented.

Track 9 on this album “Go Spine Go”  is a very comical song and it shows that the band do not want to be taken seriously.

My least favourite song on this album is “Turn Back The Clocks”. This is because I think this song is a bit sad. The story behind this song is that because Robots cannot age, He sees all her friends grow old and leave her.

At the end of the album, one of the charters know as “Be-Bop” says “See you next time in space”. This tells us that their next album they are planning is going to be set in space, this explains why they never put the song “Fire,Fire”on the album MKII because that song is about space.

Steam Powered Giraffe recently announced that they are releasing a online comic book soon that explains how they ended up in space.

This album, comes with a lovely booklet that has illustrations for every song that were drawn by Sam Luke and Chris Bennet. It also contains song lyrics to all the songs so that you can sing along!

Steam Powered Giraffe have inspired me to write my own songs, but I’m finding this very hard! Sam Luke, Who plays Hatchworth, recently told me on the website ”Twitch” to “keep on trying writing songs” and “I should not give up”.  I have recently written a song about Steam Powered Giraffe.

Overall I think this album is another brilliant album by Steam Powered Giraffe. And I highly recommend it anyone who has a interest in Rock or Folk music, Steam Punk or Robotics.

I cant weight for their next album, Steam Powered giraffe recently said in a interview that they are starting to work on their next album soon, so it should be released next year.