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Greetings mortals. I am DracoJames102 and I am here to give you a review.

In the late 2000s, a Canadian cartoonist named Bryan Lee O’Malley published a series of graphic novels called ‘Scott Pilgrim VS. The World.’ These novels followed the story of a 23 year old boy living in Toronto called Scott Pilgrim, who is in a relationship with a girl called Ramona Flowers. But in order to keep dating her, Scott must fight and defeat the league of evil exes, which was formed by Ramona’s seven evil ex-boyfriends who were determined on sticking a knife in Scott and Ramona’s relationship. In my opinion, the comics are really good. They managed to tell a decent story with likable characters, great artwork, awesome fight scenes and a moral about letting go of self-obsession over somebody.

These graphic novels were so popular they spawned a big blockbuster movie and a video game adaptation that was released for the Xbox Live Arcade and the Playstation Network, both of which were released in 2010. For this review I am going to look at the video game adaptation of this oh-so-popular graphic novel series. Will it be a faithful adaptation or will it be added to the stinking pile of garbage where the movie licensed video games lie? This is my review of ‘Scott Pilgrim VS. The World:The Game.’