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Greetings mortals, I am DracoJames102 and unfortunately it is time to end the Pokemon Marathon.

Now that we are done looking at the 2nd Generation of Pokemon, it’s once again time to count down the Top Ten Best Pokemon from that generation. If you read my Top Ten Gen 1 list, the same rules apply here but I will introduce some new rules. When I look at the next generation, I won’t talk about how the battle mechanics or the new moves affected Pokemon from previous generations. I am strictly looking at the Pokemon that were introduced in that generation. Also no hold items will be counted. I am looking at these Pokemon based on their own merits. With that said, let’s get started with this list. This list was more difficult than the last list because so many good Pokemon were introduced and there are so many variables to consider. But in the end, I had to make my final decisions.

Top Ten Best Pokemon Gen 2 (more…)

Greetings mortals, I am DracoJames102 and welcome back to the Pokemon Marathon.

Pokemon Stadium 2 Title Card

Pokemon Generation 2, as well as Pokemon Stadium were massive successes. So naturally Nintendo had to make a sequel to Pokemon Stadium where you can battle with your favourite Generation 2 Pokemon. Pokemon Stadium 2 was released for the N64 in 2001 right before the likes of the Nintendo GameCube entered the scene. Is this just a cheap cash in on the success of Pokemon Stadium or is there something more to it this time around?

Pokémon_Stadium_2_Coverart (more…)

Greetings mortals, I am DracoJames102 and welcome back to the Pokemon Marathon.

Pokemon Gen 2 Title Card

Pokemon Generation 1 was a massive success worldwide so naturally a sequel had to be made. Pokemon Gold and Silver were released in Europe for the Game Boy Colour in 2001 with Pokemon Crystal released a few months later. I was exited to play the games after seeing the new Pokemon in the first two Pokemon movies. So does this generation improve upon the first one and does it still hold up?

pokemon goldpokemon silverpokemon crystal (more…)

Greetings mortals, I am DracoJames102 and welcome back to the Pokemon Marathon.

Now here I want to try something different. As the title suggests, I am going to judge which Pokemon are the best from Generation 1. Webmaster Tom makes these kind of lists a lot of the time so I thought I’d take a crack at it. Now let me explain how this list is going to work. This isn’t going to be list of my personal favourite Pokemon or anything like that. I am going to look at these Pokemon based on their move pools, total base stats and how usable they are in the Gen 1 meta game. There are quite a lot of good Pokemon in this generation so let’s see which of them is the best of the best.

Top Ten Best Pokemon Gen 1 (more…)

Greetings mortals, I am DracoJames102 and welcome back to the Pokemon Marathon.

Pokemon Snap Title Card

Now I have very little experience with Pokemon spin-offs like Pokemon Snap. In fact, I’ve never played Pokemon Snap until this very  review. The only other Pokemon spin-off N64 game I played was Hey You Pikachu which I unfortunately don’t own anymore (and if I want a new copy, it will fetch for a hefty price on Amazon). Anyway despite the fact that I’ve never played Pokemon Snap before, is it still a fun game to at least try out?

Pokémon_Snap_Coverart (more…)

Greetings mortals, I am DracoJames102 and welcome back to the Pokemon Marathon.

Pokemon Stadium Title Card

My very first home console back in the late 90s was the Nintendo 64. When I first got it one Christmas, the two games that I would spend the most time on was Super Mario 64 and Pokemon Stadium. After playing the Game Boy games, I was exited to get this game. Fun fact, this game was known as Pokemon Stadium 2 in Japan. The original Stadium game only had very few of the 150 Pokemon which is why it probably never made it out of Japan. Pokemon Stadium was released in Europe in 2000, so is it still a fun game to play today?



There is no story in this game whatsoever. There isn’t even a world to explore or characters. The game focuses on the Pokemon battles and you’re really only doing it until you feel like turning the game off.


The mechanics are pretty much the same as the Game Boy games, only you’re playing with an N64 controller. You use the A button to battle, the B button to switch Pokemon and the Start button is used if you want to quit the battle. The C buttons are used to select your attack or which Pokemon you want to switch to, the R button is used to check which C button selects your order and the L button is used to go back on your choice.


The main menu of Pokemon Stadium has different battle modes to choose from. The first of which is Stadium mode where you can battle in various tournaments, each of which have their own sets of rules. You can battle with rental Pokemon that the game offers you or you can use your Pokemon that you raised using a Transfer Pack that comes with a new copy of Pokemon Stadium. Personally you’re better off using your own Pokemon because the majority of the rental Pokemon’s move pools suck.


The Gym Leader castle is where you can battle all of the Gym Leaders from the Game Boy games, ending with battles against the Elite Four. You can battle here in case tournaments don’t take your fancy.


Free battle mode is where you can battle with or against friends or against a computer opponent for practice. You can set the rules however you want.

pokemon stadium tournament

The kid’s club allows you to play small mini-games with your friends. They are pretty similar to the mini-games you play in the Mario Party series. These mini-games are fun to play but there are a couple of exceptions such as the Drowzee mini-game and the Likitung sushi game.

pokemon kids club

Proffessor Oak’s lab is only accessible with a game in the transfer pack. It is here where you can organise your PC box, trade Pokemon with a friend if you have another transfer pack and check your Pokedex. But honestly, you only come here to collect your prize Pokemon for completing the Gym Leader Castle. The prize Pokemon is either one of the starter Pokemon, one of the fossil Pokemon, a Hitmonchan or a Hitmonlee or an Eevee. The professor can only hold one prize Pokemon at a time and it will be transferred to your game in the transfer pack.

pokemon oak lab

The Game Boy tower allows you to play your Game Boy game in the transfer pack on a television screen. That’s about the only thing special about it, but you can unlock Doduo or Dodrio speed features that allow you to play the games at different speeds. That’s…something right?

game boy tower

Once you complete the Gym Leader castle or a tournament, the Pokemon in your party will be registered in the Hall of Fame. It’s all rather novel in the end, but filling up the Hall of Fame with every single Pokemon does get you a Psyduck that knows the move Amnesia.

hall of fame

If you manage to beat the Gym Leader Castle and win all of the tournaments, you unlock a battle against Mewtwo and he probably puts up the most challenge in the game. If you manage to beat him, you unlock the R2 mode (Round 2 mode) where you play the entire game again on hard mode with the computer opponents having better Pokemon parties and higher intelligence.

pokemon mewtwo battle


For Nintendo 64 standards, this game actually looks pretty great. All of the Pokemon models are incredibly detailed and the environments they battle in are nice to look at without being an eye sore.


The soundtrack is composed of pretty awesome remixes of your favourite themes from Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow as well as a couple of pretty cool original theme with my personal favourite being Mewtwo’s battle theme.


The battle mechanics are the same as in Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow but they did fix that two-type glitch I talked about in my Generation 1 review.

Final thoughts

Like Pokemon Generation 1, I don’t think there’s any reason to go back to this game except if you want to do some serious Generation 1 competitive battling. While the game can still be fun to play for Pokemon fans like me, I know that this gameplay style on a console might not be everyone’s cup of tea. If you want to check it out, I still recommend it. Otherwise if you’re not a Pokemon fan but still want to check this one out, I recommend going for the Game Boy games first.

Final rating: 6/10

Greetings mortals, I am DracoJames102 and welcome to the Pokemon Marathon.

Pokemon Marathon Title Card

I’m not going to beat about the bush, Pokemon is probably my favourite video game series ever made. It’s certainly the series I spent the most time on. If I wasn’t playing the games, I’d be watching the latest episode of the anime. I always look forward to when the next mainstream game comes out and the game mechanics seem to get better and better.

Now for this marathon, I am going to focus on where it all started and the games I spent the most time on in my childhood, Generation 1 and Generation 2. The series was created by Satoshi Tajeri and was released for the Nintendo Game Boy in 1996. It should also be noted that Satoshi was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome. If that doesn’t inspire people with autism like me, I don’t know what will. The games released in Japan were known as Pokemon Red and Pokemon Green. Both are the same game, they just had different Pokemon to catch in certain areas. The main gimmick of Pokemon was to catch them all and to that you needed a link cable and a friend who had a Game Boy and the other version of the game (or you could do it yourself). A short time after their release, Pokemon Blue was released which had updated graphics and bug fixes. Generation 1 was then released worldwide as Pokemon Red and Blue which are based of the Japanese Blue version. For this review, I am going to look at Pokemon Red version and then I’ll briefly talk about Pokemon Yellow.

Pokémon_box_art_-_Red_Versionpokemon_blue_cover_art_by_comunello76-d4xvjro yellow_en_boxart_741 (more…)

Greetings mortals, here is a Vlog video about what my plans are for this site and what are my thoughts on the new Pokemon games that they just announced.

The reason I decided to make this a video is because I wanted my words to come straight from the heart and not from a bland article. I know we have a small audience at the moment, but I figured I owe you guys this much.

With that said, please enjoy this video.