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Hey guys. Sorry for not posting anything or keeping you updated over the summer. There have been a lot of household chores as well as a lot of other things happening so I wasn’t able to work on my reviews for a while. I am still planning to post my Mario 3 review as well as my Arkham Knight review. Then after that I’m going to take another break because I have so many trips next month and I’m going to prep up for another review marathon in October that I’ve been wanting to do for a couple of years now. Speaking of which, one of those trips is going to be Alcon 2015. I can’t believe it’ll be less than a week now. I’ll be there for all four days Sept 3-7th and I hope to see you there.


WHAT I’M EXPECTING As Batman popped his head out from this years E3 he brought high expectations and I’m hoping that Batman: Arkham Knight is just as good as the last one…. no I want it BETTER with more fights, gadgets, enemies and story to discover! I have my doubts and the question on everyones mind is what is Batman going to do without the joker?? it’s like the Yin without the Yang… also warning spoiler’s (more…)

Greetings mortals, here is my unboxing of the Batman Arkham Knight themed PS4. I am also doing a vlog update while I’m at it in case you guys want to know what will be happening with DracoJames102 reviews.

Greetings mortals, I am DracoJames102 and I’m here to give you a review.

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Like most of you, I was disappointed when they announced that Rocksteady Studios wanted to push back the release date of Batman Arkham Knight to June 2015. But I understand that Rocksteady want to make sure that they create a solid game and you’ll be sure that I’ll review it when it comes out (it’ll also be the main reason I’ll buy a PS4). For now though, I’m going to review the last game in the series, Batman Arkham Origins. Now when I saw the first trailer of Arkham Origins, I was exited. Batman was duking it out with Deathcstroke and Deadshot and Black Mask hiring six other assassins to kill Batman before the night is out. When the game finally came out, I got it on launch date and does it manage to stack up with the other Arkham games? Well…let’s find out.

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