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I’m Tom and I’m the webmaster of this site being the cool and handsome dude that I am. Not only do I create and oversee the site but I also write reviews as well.

I am currently studying Interactive Media at college as one day computers will take over the world, so at least I can keep my choices open. My favourite games I enjoy playing are mostly platform games such as Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man.

I am a member of Spectrum club which is a kickass club for kickass people. All the reviews on this site are done by people from Spectrum club. To find out more about the club visit our website.


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I am James Nisbet though on the internet I am known as DracoJames102.

I am a video game reviewer for the site. I am currently studying animation and animation for games design though I did study games design. I enjoy platforming games such as ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ and ‘Super Mario Bros’, action-adventure games such as ‘Metroid’ and ‘Legend of Zelda’ and RPGs such as ‘Pokemon’.

I go to the Youth Club too and may I just say it is one of the most awesome places I ever had the pleasure of attending. I have a lot planned for this site such as months of so stay tuned for my reviews and leave a comment about what you think. I’d really appreciate it.

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  1. Hey can you email me- my email is mr.baseballnerd@gmail.com
    I read some of your Pokemon blogs and I was impressed by your knowledge of the games.
    I had a few questions as well.

    • Hi mrbaseballnerd, this is DracoJames102, the guy who wrote the Pokemon blogs. I’m glad you’re enjoying them. What were the questions you want to ask me?

      • Well to start with, I want to get into Pokemon again. I have Pokemon Emerald, but I wanted to know from your perspective what other games I should purchase. I currently have a Gameboy Advance and DS Lite.

      • Well Pokemon Emerald is a good place to be if you want to play old Gen 3 games. The current Gen is on the 3DS, but for what you’ve got, I definitely recommend Heartgold or Soulsilver for the DS, Platinum for exploring the land of Gen 4 and for 5th Gen on the DS, start with either Black or White and get the sequels Black 2 and White 2.

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