Top 5 Worst Movies of 2015

Posted: January 1, 2016 in Movie reviews, Top 10s
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Whilst I saw a lot of good movies this year I also saw some bad ones. Just to clarify not all of these movies are horrible, some just carry more missed potential or didn’t deliver on my expectations. As I couldn’t find 10 movies that fit this criteria (I refuse to waste my time with Fifty Shades of Grey) I decided to just do a top 5. Starting with:

Pixels Banner

5. San Andreas

San Andreas

I enjoyed this movie back when I first saw it, but looking back now it really isn’t all that great. Granted it is better than Pompeii and even 2012, but that doesn’t stop it from being a generic disaster flick. The effects and destruction do impress but the characters certainly do not. Dwayne Johnson can be a likeable personality, though here his charm is lacking. Alexandra Daddario is the one who stands out the most here. I really don’t see what this movie was trying to accomplish that other disaster movies hadn’t already. San Andreas is a movie that can be fun, but it feels like you need to switch your brain off for that to work.

4. American Sniper

American Sniper

Another 2014 holdover and a very late Oscar entrant. It got 6 Academy Award nominations including Best Picture, but when I finally got the chance to watch it I just wasn’t seeing it. I found the main character to be really hard to root for, despite Bradley Cooper being a good actor you don’t really empathise with his decisions. Also upon finding out that several elements in this film’s story were made-up fiction it really takes you out of the experience, that and the movie was just boring. A movie like this pretty much shows that you can make a piece of military propaganda, call it a movie, and people will flock to see it, and even get it nominated for an Academy Award. Because Murica!

3. The Woman in Black: Angel of Death

The Woman in Black 2

I only saw two horror movies this year. One was The Visit, an enjoyable return to form for M Knight Shyamalan. The other was this uninspired horror sequel. The first Woman in Black whilst not great did have some moments of creepy atmosphere, as well as a couple of decent scares. This one though? Not so much. It has the atmosphere, sometimes, but this half-assed effort fails to find anything to do with it, and the only scares are cheap jump scares. Ultimately just a forgettable film, full stop. However I heard several other horror movies this year were much worse. So maybe I got off lightly if this was the worst horror I’ve seen this year. Still bad though.

2. Pixels


Talk about wasted potential. This movie makes me sad, because it had such a great idea. Aliens who invade Earth in the style of Retro Arcade games? This had every right to be good, but alas it ends up being another slump in Adam Sandler’s declining career. Most of the characters are either annoying or in Peter Dinklage’s case tragically wasted. There are a couple of moments of when they actually play the games that it starts to get fun, but the movie ends up being flat out allergic to logic, as a lot of what happens doesn’t make any sense. A lot of this might’ve been forgiven had the movie been funny, but it wasn’t even that either. Such a shame.

1. Fant4stic


What did I say earlier? Some of these movies aren’t horrible? Well now I take that back, because the Fantastic Four reboot is horrible in just about every way. This movie tries to give a more “Mature” take on the Fantastic Four from the goofy 2005 movie. Well the result ends up being one of the most bleak, lifeless, and flat out dull superhero movies ever made. Even Batman and Robin had more life than this. The cast whilst talented feel miscast and feature no on screen chemistry, the story feels jarringly paced, the sparse action is pitiful, and there’s just nothing interesting to the movie or the world it creates. This is easily one of the worst superhero movies I’ve ever sat through and my pick for the worst film of 2015.

So those were my best and worst of 2015. Now to see what 2016 has to offer.

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