Just like last year us lot at Spectrum Club got together and for 24 hours played games. The event took place from 10:00 AM on the 30th of October all the way to the 31st of October. Some of us like James and Mike relegated challenges to accomplish within the 24 hours. If you remembered last year I played through the whole of Sonic 06 in the mere span of 10 hours. So how could I top that insanity? Well I set myself a gargantuan task of playing through all of the classic Mega Man games from 1-10.


I brought in my laptop so I could play Mega Man’s 1-8 as I don’t have original copies of those games (Do you know how bloody expensive they are?). The first Mega Man was one of the toughest ordeals, however I only died a fair few times. I even beat the Yellow Devil without using the pause glitch (because real men don’t use the pause glitch). Mega Man 2 on Difficult was quite the challenge as well, though I screwed up on the Boobeam Trap the first time and then had to spend a lot of time grinding weapon energy back (I used that time to have my sandwiches). I did get through the game in the end though.


Mega Man 3 proved relatively easier after that though the Doc-Robot stages could be troublesome. 4 managed to challenge me more, but 5 was one of the ones I was really used to and got through with minimal struggle. 6 was also a cakewalk and not much noteworthy happened, and with that the NES games were done. After that I had half a Dominoes pizza to keep me going before going on the Mega Man 7 for the SNES. It is definitely a fun and challenging game, though the final boss was a lot easier than other people make him out to be. I was then playing through Mega Man 8 for the PS1, I got to the midway stage until disaster struck. During one of the cutscenes my laptop started crashing and skipping the audio. I kept Control, Alt Deleting but nothing happened. I then tried to restart but it wouldn’t boot up (Piece of junk). With these technical malfunctions I had no choice but to cancel the playthrough for Mega Man 8.


I decided to take a break to calm myself down. Later some of the others went upstairs to tell ghost stories. I didn’t have any good ones, but some of the others enjoyed creeping everyone out. Then we watched a movie Tucker and Dale Vs Evil, a horror/comedy which we all found funny. Once that was done I decided to continue the Mega Man-a-thon with Mega Man 9 (my personal favourite) and 10, both on the Wii. Once I was done with that there was still an empty space, so I thought I’d play through something else to substitute Mega Man 8 not working. Being that it was Halloween the game I chose was Super Castlevania IV, a rather fitting choice I’d say. Once that was done I had breakfast (Sausage sandwiches) and then played other horror themed games such as Splatterhouse 2 and Dark Castle (yeah, one of the worst Megadrive games ever), as well as a couple of rounds on Just Dance until 10:00 AM came and we’d conquered another 24 hours.


The question is though did I enjoy the 24 hour game-a-thon? Yes I did, despite things not going according to plan. It is a shame Mega Man 8 crashed, but 9 out of 10 ain’t bad, and mine wasn’t the only thing that didn’t go according to plan (I doubt Mike will ever play a Five Nights at Freddy’s again XD). And how fitting that on Halloween we all left as zombies. If I am to do this again what next? Well I’ve got another year to think about it.

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