Another year another Euro Gamer, this time EGX at the NEC in Birmingham. The usual gang went and I got to hang out with my beautiful Ice Queen Laura (yeah, that’s what I call her). Trying out up and coming releases as well as various other games how was it this year?


Me and Laura got there a little later than intended, but when we did arrive we headed straight for the Nintendo section. My most anticipated game which I was hoping to play was the new Star Fox game. The wait was long but ultimately worth it. The game seems to be more a reboot as it sticks more to Lylat Wars and ignores any of the post Adventures games, so no Krystal (shame). The controls were fine but I was concerned about the gyroscope aiming. Trying to control the ship whilst also using tilt controls for aiming became quite a tough job of multi-tasking. Thankfully I found out the finished game will make the gyro controls optional for more advanced players, so crisis averted. I was surprised to see that there was to be a new Ratchet and Clank reboot, which I never even heard about until Laura informed me. That was the next game we played, and having just got into the series it looked really good. It borrowed a lot from the first game but also utilised the best aspects from the sequels as well. I’m sure that’ll be one of the go to games for the PS4, now if only we could have another Jak and Daxter (Please, Naughty Dog?).


One thing they had that I went to was a careers fair, which showed various universities for gaming and video game companies. Whilst there I got to ask a few of the game devs for careers advice as well as try out a game that was made at one of the universities. We then spent a bit of time at the retro arcade to play some old games. We got to play some Sonic and Super Probotector. After that I got to try out the new Guitar Hero game called Guitar Hero Live. Instead of the cartoony visuals the game actually uses live footage of the bands playing and the audience reactions depend on how well you play. It’s pretty clever actually. The queues for the games were quite long though so we only got to play one more game after that, which was Rise of the Tomb Raider on the Xbox One. The graphics for the game were beautiful and so realistic looking, though some parts took time to figure out I got there in the end. After that game though we barely had any time left so we just decided to leave.


All in all I think me and Laura got to try out all the games we wanted to. I’m looking forward to Star Fox Zero, Guitar Hero Live and we’re both looking forward to Ratchet and Clank. Next EGX will be at London. Will I go? Depends on the games really.

Stay tuned for when DracoJames102 gives his thoughts on Euro Gamer.

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