WHAT I’M EXPECTING As Batman popped his head out from this years E3 he brought high expectations and I’m hoping that Batman: Arkham Knight is just as good as the last one…. no I want it BETTER with more fights, gadgets, enemies and story to discover! I have my doubts and the question on everyones mind is what is Batman going to do without the joker?? it’s like the Yin without the Yang… also warning spoiler’s GAMEPLAY wpid-wp-1435931070688.jpegCombat is smooth and fluent, while you fight the feeling is like you are the best fighter in the world and that’s not the best part! With last man standing as you take him out you enter the final knockout scene where there’s a slow motion close up shot of Batman taking him down- now that is cool!!

I soon got a car and then started crashing in to everything because I’m a bad driver. It’s not all my fault as there’s just so much power in that car, but it did get better- how you ask? I’m not going to tell you… OK I’ll tell you, it turns into a tank and who dislikes a tank?! Not I! As I have so much fun blowing stuff up.


LOOK’S From the explosions to the the enemies and everything else, only one word can describe the epicness of the graphics and that is STUNNING! In fact one of my favorite things to do is glide around the city and just take it all in. It’s kind of like the Just Cause series but not as free moving. I do suggest if you get this game that you try it too, but that’s up to you.


WOULD I RECOMMEND IT Yes if you like Batman fighting 10 enemies at once making it look easy or just blowing stuff up then I suggest you get it. If not then I think you’ll be missing out on one of this years best games.

If I was to rate this game I would give it a 8 out of 10

Hi guys and girls! This is my first time writing a first look so please give me feedback no matter how harsh it is and any suggestions for my next one


by bluethebear

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