Jurassic World was possibly my most anticipated movie of the year, so when it got released in the UK you didn’t have to tell me twice about seeing it. By now you’ve probably seen the reviews I’ve done for the previous movies in preparation for this one. Now I’ve seen Jurassic World how was it and how does it measure to the other entries?

Jurassic World

The story for this movie is set 22 years after the first movie (Parts 2&3 are non-cannon in this movie’s timeline). It follows two brothers who go for a trip to Jurassic World to spend time with their Aunt Claire, who’s the park manager. Yeah, eventually the park did manage to open and became a success. To maintain the park’s success however they gene splice different dinosaurs together to create new hybrid breeds to spike attendance. When one particularly dangerous breed The Indominus Rex gets loose the park is in danger. With the help of Dinosaur trainer Owen Grady they now have to not only take down this dangerous beast but Claire also has to try and find her Nephews.


The acting is all good from the main cast. The star here unsurprisingly is Chris Pratt as Owen. He plays the cool, calm and collective Dinosaur trainer who has a bond of trust with velociraptors. Think of him as a badass more likeable version of Nick from The Lost World. The two child actors also impressed me and were probably the best written out of all the children in the series. The younger brother Gray is the dino nerd whist his older brother Zach doesn’t really want to be there, however he cares about his younger brother enough to look after him through dangerous situations. As for Bryce Dallas Howard as the movie’s leading lady Claire, she does a good job. I don’t think she was quite as good as Laura Dern or Julianne Moore, but she’s better than Tea Leoni any day.


As for the special effects, they’re good also. The initial wow factor from the first two movies is long gone so they don’t look as impressive as they do just good. Still the designs are a lot better than Jurassic Park 3 and there are a lot of big dinosaurs to give you a great sense of scope. The one I particularly enjoyed seeing was the Megalodon aquatic dinosaur (Can’t remember it’s exact name) which you probably saw in the trailer, and also the Pterodactyl have better designs than that in Jurassic Park 3. The other thing I enjoyed seeing was all the park attractions. It was always interesting to see how they integrated the dinosaurs with the rides and how the park all works, it all just felt very creative.


If you’ve already seen my reviews of the previous Jurassic Park movies you’ll remember how I praised 1&2 for taking it’s time whilst 3 felt too rushed. Well Jurassic World does allow you to drink in the environments and get to know the characters before the dino rampage occurs. It almost feels like you get a tour of the theme park as they make sure to show off all the main attractions showcasing the good ideas that they had. As for the action scenes they don’t rely as much on tension as the first two movies did, instead they feel more fast paced and dynamic. Most of it goes by in a pretty predictable fashion but the movie does manage to throw it’s nice surprises here and there to keep you interested, including a particularly enjoyable climax.


Naturally a movie like this rides a lot on nostalgic value. At various cues you get to hear the original John Williams score and the movie makes several nods towards the first movie, which is much appreciated. I feel this movie does well at feeling like it’s 22 years after Jurassic Park. Back in the 90s dinosaurs were all the rave, nowadays though they aren’t seen as impressive, and the movie addresses that. For example one scene involves Zach and Gray about to watch a dinosaur, Gray keeps pestering his brother to see it but Zach doesn’t care and is instead on his mobile phone. Scenes like that fit perfectly within the modern times that this movie is set in.


That being said though it doesn’t really explain how they even got the park approved after the disaster of the first one. I can only assume they just waited for John Hammond to die and took more careful precautions. I dunno, maybe it’ll end up a deleted scene like in The Lost World: Jurassic Park. In general I think that’s where the movie’s biggest flaw lies, it’s story isn’t as well developed as Jurassic Park or even The Lost World. However where it counts is that the dinosaurs are still fun to watch, the action is enjoyable, and the story does at least try to explain some of the more scientific elements which unless you’re an expert you’re just happy to go with. And if you can get behind that I’m sure you’ll enjoy the ride.

JW5In the end Jurassic World is a fun and thrilling survival movie. It’s not as good as the first, but really who expected it to be? The original was groundbreaking, inventive, clever, and was obviously a much higher priority at the time. This movie certainly met my expectations. It felt like it came out at just the right time to make dinosaurs cool again, it provided as a satisfying (if occasionally cheesy) action movie and is the best out of the Jurassic Park sequels.

I give this movie 4 out of 5.

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