Metroid 2 Return of Samus Review

Posted: April 21, 2015 in Game reviews
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Greetings mortals, I am DracoJames102 and I am here to give you a review.

Metroid 2 Title Card

It’s been a while since I reviewed the first Metroid game, hasn’t it? The first Metroid game on the N.E.S was a big hit, so a sequel was released for the Game Boy in 1991. Like the first game, this is the first time I’ve beaten this game so is this a game that I can recommend to the gamers today?

metroid 2 cover


After defeating MotherBrain and the Metroids in the first game, the Galactic Federation sends Samus Aran to the Metroid home world, Planet SR388, to destroy all of the Metroids so that they cannot be used for any further evil purposes. That’s pretty all there is to the story so let’s move on.


You use the A button to jump, the B button to shoot, the D-Pad to move and aim your arm cannon, the Start button to pause and the Select button to switch to missiles. The HUD contains your life energy meter, your missile count and the amount of Metroids you need to destroy in order to complete the game.

metroid 2 gameplay

Samus starts out with 99 units of health, 30 missiles and the Morph Ball. Like the first game, you’re not told where to go and you need to find every single Metroid by yourself. However the journey is a little more linear this time. There are some pathways that are blocked by lava pools and the only way to move on is to defeat every single Metroid in the area. But these Metroids are not like the ones you encountered in the first game. These Metroids have begun to evolve into other forms such as Alpha Metroids, Zeta Metroids, Gamma Metroids and Omega Metroids. In order to defeat them, you need to blast them with missiles. Alphas will need 5 missiles to be killed while the later forms will require more. Gamma Metroids are more aggressive and Omega Metroids take a lot of missiles to kill.

metroid 2 omega metroid

The items you can find in the first game make their return. There are the Energy Tanks, Missile Expansions, Morph Ball Bombs, High Jump Boots, Ice Beam, Wave Beam and the Screw Attack. The Varia Suit does make a return but not only does it grant you extra amour, it can also protect you in areas that cause heat damage to your health. Metroid 2 introduces some cool new items such as the Spider Ball which allows Samus to cling onto walls in morph ball mode. The Spring Ball allows Samus to jump in morph ball mode. This game also introduces two new types of beams, the Spazar Beam and the Plasma Beam. The Spazar Beam shoots three lasers which covers a wider range and the Plasma Beam is not only powerful, it can go through enemies. Sadly though, you can only use one beam at a time so if you want to use a specific beam, you’ll need to backtrack in order to find it. Finally we have the Space Jump which allows Samus to jump an infinite number of times as long as you rythematically press the jump button.

metroid 2 item

Metroid 2 is the first game that introduced a save feature. Once in a while, you’ll come across a device that can save your game. All you have to do is stand on it and press start. This was much better than the password system from the first game. You can also find refill points which can fully restore your health or your missile ammo. Given how many missiles it takes to kill certain Metroids, you’ll need to know their locations.

metroid 2 checkpoint

You’ll notice that there is a severe lack of bosses in this game. There is only one boss in this game and it’s at the very end. After eliminating all but one Metroid and traveling further on, you’ll notice an egg and upon so, the Metroid counter has risen and you’ll see that original Metroids have appeared and they behave exactly like they did in the first game. These ones are still weak to the Ice Beam so get that whenever you get the chance. After dealing with them, you’ll encounter the Queen Metroid. Queen Metroid can be a difficult fight but once you know her weakness, she’s pretty easy. What you’re supposed to do is fire missiles into her mouth as she attacks you, morph ball into her mouth and into her stomach and bomb her. Once you defeat her, you see that the egg has hatched into a baby Metroid and it begins to follow you as if you were its mother. Once Samus reaches her ship, the credits roll and for the first time in the series, the game tells you the total percentage of the items you collected as well as how long it took for you to beat the game.

metroid 2 queen metroid


The aesthetics are good for Game Boy standards and the sprites are pretty good. The biggest problem is that because this is on the Game Boy, there is a serious lack of colour which can be really easy to get lost in this game.


The tracks in this game are pretty forgettable and not very catchy. In fact there are areas where no music plays at all. That is pretty questionable seeing how other Game Boy games such as Super Mario Land and Tetris had great soundtracks.


The control is fine enough. It’s smooth and responsive but it night be too floaty for people’s tastes. There is one good point though, Samus can shoot down so she can take care of enemies below her.

Final thoughts

While Metroid 2 does introduce some good new staples in the series, the fact that it sports most of the same problems from the first game. I suggest using a map for this game as the lack of colour makes all of the areas feel similar to each other. It can be a good game for the Game Boy, but like the first game, I can only recommend this to hardcore Metroid enthusiasts.

Final rating: 5/10

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