Top Ten Pokemon from Generation 2

Posted: April 7, 2015 in Game reviews, Top 10s
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Greetings mortals, I am DracoJames102 and unfortunately it is time to end the Pokemon Marathon.

Now that we are done looking at the 2nd Generation of Pokemon, it’s once again time to count down the Top Ten Best Pokemon from that generation. If you read my Top Ten Gen 1 list, the same rules apply here but I will introduce some new rules. When I look at the next generation, I won’t talk about how the battle mechanics or the new moves affected Pokemon from previous generations. I am strictly looking at the Pokemon that were introduced in that generation. Also no hold items will be counted. I am looking at these Pokemon based on their own merits. With that said, let’s get started with this list. This list was more difficult than the last list because so many good Pokemon were introduced and there are so many variables to consider. But in the end, I had to make my final decisions.

Top Ten Best Pokemon Gen 2

#10: Typhlosion



Let’s face it. When we started playing Generation 2, we all picked Cyndaquil as it was the best starter Pokemon that can handle a majority of the Gyms. However its final evolved form Typhlosion might just be the best starter out of the Johto starters. Why? Because Typhlosion can not only learn powerful fire moves such as Flamethrower or Fire Blast to take out Meganium, but it can also learn Thunderpunch to deal with water types such as Gyarados and Feraligatr. If learning Thunderpunch isn’t enough for you, you could always go for the Sunny Day/Solarbeam combo. Typhlosion can also learn Earthquake to deal with rock types. Combined with good offensive stats and good speed, Typhlosion was definitely the best starter from Gen 2.

#9: Heracross



If if there was one Pokemon to start the trend of bug types being used more in competitive battling, it would definitely be Heracross. Heracross not only has a really high physical attack stat, but it also has some pretty good special bulk which could potentially help it survive fire and psychic attacks. Heracross can learn Earthquake to deal with fire types as well as rock and electric types. While there weren’t many fighting type moves for it, Heracross is probably the best user of the deadly Endure and Reversal combo. But what really sets Heracross apart from the other bug types is its special move, Megahorn. Megahorn is the most powerful bug type move in the game and its a really powerful move in general, which allowed Heracross to deal with psychic types as well as bulky Pokemon. There’s no doubt about it. Heracross was the best bug type back then.

#8: Crobat


If there was one thing Gen 2 was famous for, it was introducing a ton of good wall Pokemon, which can potentially outlast any team. While Crobat’s defensive stats didn’t quite match up to other walls, Crobat does have one thing that they don’t. Fantastic speed. Crobat is among the fastest Pokemon in the game and it could outspeed any Pokemon, meaning it can use Confuse Ray and Toxic to damage your foes before they even get a chance to move. Crobat can even use Mean Look to stop your opponent from switching out, meaning your opponent can’t switch out to stop smacking themselves out of confusion and they continue to take increasing damage from Toxic. Crobat can even take the time to use Double Team to avoid taking damage or use Bite (which is now a Dark type move) to not only do good damage to psychic types but potentially stop the opponent from attacking all together. This was one evolution that Golbat definitely needed.

#7: Ho-oh



Now despite being quite low on this list, this mascot for Pokemon Gold can make for a pretty good bulky sweeper. It has great special defence as well as good offensive stats. It also has quite a varied movepool so it can learn attacks such as Sacred Fire, Thunder, Earthquake, Giga Drain, Psychic and Steel Wing. This allowed it to take on a variety of different types of foes. Ho-oh can even learn Recover to heal itself and Safeguard to protect it from being afflicted with status conditions. Watch yourself with this magnificent bird or it will make you taste the rainbow.

#6: Wobbuffet



Now despite having below average stats and a movepool which consists of four moves, Wobbuffet is actually more dangerous than you realise. Wobbuffet has a really high HP stat despite the below average defence stat. On top of that, it has Counter and Mirror Coat which means the amount of HP Wobbuffet loses whether it’s from a physical or a special attack, Wobbuffet can survive the hit and deal double the damage right back at its opponents with Counter for physical moves and Mirror Coat for special attacks. If it’s low on health, Wobbuffet can use Destiny Bond to take its foe down with it when it gets knocked out. Wobbuffet can also use Safeguard to prevent being poisoned and other status ailments. Because of this, Wobbuffet has been classed as so dangerous it is classed as an uber tier Pokemon. Definitely a worthy addition to Team Rocket.

#5: Tyranitar



I remember the first time I ran into Tyranitar in Pokemon Stadium 2. I sent out my Mewtwo to battle it and Tyranitar’s Rock/Dark typing caught me by surprise and it ended up thrashing my Mewtwo. Yes when something can match up to the most powerful Pokemon in the world, you know it’s not to be trifled with. Tyranitar not only has great offensive stats but good bulk as well. Tyranitar can also learn a variety of different moves, from physical moves like Rock Slide, Earthquake, Iron Tail and Hyper Beam to special attacks such as Crunch, Blizzard, Thunder and Fire Blast. With the power to take on most of the Legendary Pokemon, Tyranitar is definitely not something you should take lightly. But what do you expect from something that looks like Godzilla?

#4: Umbreon



Now here is where we start ranking the walls. No matter how powerful their opponent is, these wall Pokemon always manage to outlast them until the very end and Umbreon was one of the top walls back then. Along with the new Eeveelution psychic type Espeon, Umbreon was the new dark type evolution for Eevee. In order to evolve It into Umbreon, you had to make Eevee friendly towards you by carrying it around in your party, win enough battles without having it faint too much and evolve it during the night. That seems like a lot of hard work but it’s well worth it. Umbreon can use the same Mean Look/Toxic/Confuse Ray combo that Crobat uses. However despite lack of speed, Umbreon has better defensive stats so it’s better at taking hits like a champ. Umbreon can also restore half of its maximum health with Moonlight to make the battle last even longer. Umbreon can not only learn Faint Attack which never misses, but it can even learn Psychic to deal with its Fighting weakness. Umbreon was without a doubt the best Eeveelution back then.

#3: Blissey



Being the new evolved form of Chansey, Blissey can also be obtained when Chansey reaches the maximum friendship level. Despite having lacklustre offensive stats and a miserable physical defence stat, Blissey is the best special wall in the entire game. It has really high special defence and the highest HP stat out of any Pokemon. It’s so high that it mostly makes up having that low, low, LOW physical defence as it can still survive most physical hits. Blissey can afflict your foes with Toxic, Thunder Wave and Sing, increase its evasiveness with Minimize and it can heal itself with Softboiled which is its special equivalent of Recover. Blissey can even use an array of different attacks such as Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, Flamethrower, Psychic and Seismic Toss. As awesome as it is owning one, facing it can be just as painful.

#2: Suicune



Despite not having as much bulk as Umbreon and Blissey, Suicune can actually defend itself with its better offensive stats. Suicune can learn powerful moves such as Surf and Ice Beam while at the same time afflict damage to foes with Toxic. While Suicune’s only recovery move is Rest (which can cure its status ailment and restore all of its health at the cost of being asleep for two turns), Suicune is so much of a tank it doesn’t matter that much. Suicune can also defeat its two type weaknesses, Grass and Electric which back in Gen 2 were considered special attacks. How? With Mirror Coat. There was a reason why Suicune was the mascot for Pokemon Crystal.

Now here are the honourable mentions: Quagsire, Skarmory, Kingdra, Forretress, Slowking, Steelix, Miltank, Houndoom and Raikou

#1: Lugia



When it came to walls and powerful Pokemon in general, Lugia was the best of the best. Not only does Lugia have the best defensive stats out of the Gen 2 Pokemon, it has good offensive stats, speed that other walls wish they had and a good supportive movepool. Despite being called King of the Sea, Lugia is a Psychic/Flying type which is pretty good defensive typing. Despite being hit with attacks it’s weak to, Lugia can take hits like a planet. Lugia can also use Safeguard and Recover to make it last even longer in battle while the opponent continues to suffer Toxic damage. Lugia can also learn a variety of really great offensive attacks such as Aeroblast, Psychic, Earthquake, Surf, Ice Beam and Thunder. There’s no doubt about it. Lugia was king of the Johto Region back in the day and it still continues to be the best uber tier wall Pokemon.

So that was my Top Ten Generation 2 Pokemon list. I hope you enjoyed it and before I sign off, I want to give my final thoughts on the first two Generations as a whole. While I do enjoy each generation that comes out over the years, Generations 1 and 2 are what I have the most memories with. While I do recommend Gen 4 and above for anyone who’s looking to get into the series, I still say that these games are worth trying out. I’ve been playing this series for over 17 years and it continues to entertain me with its expansive worlds, creative creatures and fun gameplay mechanics. This is a great series to introduce anybody to the RPG genre.

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