Pokemon Stadium 2 Review

Posted: April 5, 2015 in Game reviews
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Greetings mortals, I am DracoJames102 and welcome back to the Pokemon Marathon.

Pokemon Stadium 2 Title Card

Pokemon Generation 2, as well as Pokemon Stadium were massive successes. So naturally Nintendo had to make a sequel to Pokemon Stadium where you can battle with your favourite Generation 2 Pokemon. Pokemon Stadium 2 was released for the N64 in 2001 right before the likes of the Nintendo GameCube entered the scene. Is this just a cheap cash in on the success of Pokemon Stadium or is there something more to it this time around?



Once again there is no storyline or world to explore. So let’s move on.


The control scheme is exactly the same as the previous game. In fact one can argue that there’s barely any change at all. Everything from Stadium 1 is here and accounted for. There’s the stadium with all of the tournaments, free battle mode, Proffessor Oak’s lab, the Game Boy Tower, the Pokemon mini-games and the Gym Leader Castle where you can battle the Johto Gym Leaders as well as the Kanto Gym Leaders.

pokemon stadium 2 menu

There are a couple of new things to look at in this game. There’s your room where you can actually decorate your bedroom from your game in the Transfer Pack. There’s also Earl’s Academy, where you actually study the battle mechanics, learn about egg moves and egg groups for breeding and you can learn new advanced battle tactics.

pokemon stadium 2 acadamy

There’s more mini game variety in the Kids Club this time around. They can be good time killers, but the Golbat and the Donphan mini games can give you the most trouble. There’s also a quiz section which tests your knowledge on Pokemon Trivia.

pokemon stadium 2 kids club

Once you’ve defeated the Gym Leader castle and defeated all of the tournaments, you can challenge your rival from the Game Boy games, who will use Mewtwo, Lugia and Ho-oh. This is without a doubt the most difficult battle in the game, but once you beat him, you once again unlock Round 2 where the battles get even tougher.

pokemon stadium 2 rival


The aesthetic quality is on par with the last game. The environments are better looking though and the Generation 2 Pokemon models are extremely impressive for N64 standards. One graphical oddity in both Stadium games however is that when Pokemon have nicknames, they have alternate colours.


The music once again consist of awesome remixes of your favourite tracks from the Game Boy games. My personal favourite themes are the Champion Theme and the Rival Battle theme.


The control is exactly the same as Stadium 1 and the battle mechanics operate exactly like Pokemon Gold, Silver and Crystal.

Final thoughts

While there wasn’t really much to talk about this time around, this game does manage to be better than Stadium 1. While it does still sport the same problems, the library and the battle mechanics make it a much better experience. The rental Pokemon they offer still have sucky movepools so I cannot recommend enough that you use your own Pokemon if you get the chance. If you enjoyed Stadium 1 but haven’t played Stadium 2 yet, I highly recommend this one. But there really isn’t that much reason to go back to it unless you’re really into competitive Gen 2 battling.

Final rating: 7/10

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