On March 21st 2015 MCM Comic Con came to Birmingham, and the Spectrum Club had a group trip there on the Saturday. I went there in 2013 but didn’t go in 2014 to save my money. However this year I decided to go again. So how was it and what did I get up to there?


To start off with as there were so many of us there Kayleigh allocated us to smaller groups. I went round with my friend Laura. The first thing to notice about the people going to Comic Con are the people who cosplay (A.K.A. dress up as someone else). Me and Laura both cosplayed. I went as Star-Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy and Laura went as Homicidal Liu from Creepypasta. It was interesting to see what others had come as. There were several Marvel superheroes, Star Wars costumes, a spot on impersonator of Captain jack Sparrow and a guy with a giant Groot costume just to name a few. There were others who were dressed as Star-Lord as well, but Laura’s costume seemed to be a one of a kind (being a more obscure character).


Also like before there were special guests, most of them I didn’t recognise, although the one me and Laura wanted to meet was Warwick Davis (Known for his roles in movies like Star Wars and Harry Potter). We queued just over half an hour to meet him, I got a signed picture of him with Karl Pilkington and he even posed for a photo. He seemed really nice and Laura still couldn’t believe it was actually him. Also next to it was a Pixe photoshoot where you could go and get your picture taken with a speech bubble saying what you think of MCM Comic Con. Me and Laura got our picture taken and ended up on the MCM Facebook page.


One warning though, if you go to Comic Con you can guarantee a lighter wallet. The amount of stuff they had there was, well to put it bluntly they had everything. Laura’s money didn’t last that long treating herself to souvenirs, I was better prepared. Some of the souvenirs I got included a Lego Emmet figure from the Lego Movie, a Minecraft Avengers t-shirt and some sweets. The one area that tempted me the most though was the stall selling retro games. This is the kind of stuff I just geek out over, seeing some of the things they had. Like an original copy of Klonoa for the PS1, a copy of Sonic Shuffle and the Metroid Prime trilogy. But these games whilst tempting ranged from prices of £50-£100. As much as I geek out over this stuff I refuse to spend more than £50 on a game. What I did get though was a Gamecube copy of Ikaruga and Comix Zone for the Megadrive.


Eventually we’d seen it all and decided to leave. We all met outside at 2:30 for everyone. Whilst we were waiting we were comparing what we all did and then all posed for one big group photo (some of us are hard to see), and that was our day at Comic Con. Safe to say we all had a fun time, but if we are to do it again it isn’t going to be cheap. Best start saving that money now whilst you still have time, but trust me, it’ll be worth it.

  1. frankt10 says:

    I’ve already got a cosplay lined up for the November one!

  2. frankt10 says:

    I’ve already got a cosplay lined up for the November one! – we are doing it again this November, right?

  3. Emily Gadd says:

    same, im planning my November ones too! what u gonna be cosplaying as??? =)

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