Placebo @ O2 Academy Again

Posted: March 25, 2015 in Lives
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Placebo, again? Well if you remembered the last time I reviewed Placebo in Birmingham I said they were very good live, so when my Dad got a couple of tickets for Christmas I wasn’t going to pass up seeing them again. At this point it’s become harder for them to impress me which they’ve already done in the past, but was it still a good show?


When we first got there we just assumed we’d be in the stalls, but when they looked at our ticket we realised we were in the balcony. We went to try and find as good a space as we could and ended up getting a nice head on view. We caught the main support act TMT who were good. They had a total of three guitarists (as many as three), they were enjoyable and the audience seemed to like them. This time I didn’t go for a t-shirt because I already have one for Placebo, besides I was saving my money for Comic Con. Placebo then came on stage to a Pure Morning remix before blasting into the groovy basslines of B3.


To be honest a lot of what I said in my previous review of Placebo could apply here, not that that’s a bad thing. Their performance was as solid as ever, though their setlist was very similar to the one they played last time. There are only a few songs that got swapped for other ones (I Know was a nice surprise). Whilst they do a lot of the new stuff great it’s really the old favourites that shine here, such as The Bitter End, Special K and Infra Red. Brian Molko plays well as always as does Stefan, however drummer Steve Forrest appears to have quit (first noticed by the drummer wearing a shirt). At the moment it doesn’t seem like they have a permanent replacement yet, but the new drummer did a good job nonetheless.


What problems did I have with the gig? Well they didn’t allow you to take pictures. A security man was going round getting people to stop taking pictures, my Dad warned me just in time. Not that it really mattered as my shots weren’t that great. Then at one point Brian Molko called out a girl to stop taking pictures which followed with booing from the crowd (Seriously Brian, dick move). Personally I don’t know why the security guy even bothered, because it seemed as soon as his back was turned everyone would just take pictures again, so as far as I was concerned he was fighting a losing battle. But the other big problem was that it was too flippin’ hot. I got so hot I had to take off my jacket, which had no effect as I still was sweating a river. I think lack of air conditioning was the problem, God knows what the mosh pit must’ve been like.


That aside though did I enjoy Placebo? Well I’m not exactly going to say no. They performed great, paid attention to pretty much all their albums and delivered the odd surprise here and there. But not being able to take pictures as well as the heavy sweating did put a damper on an otherwise great gig. I still recommend seeing them live but try and prepare better for if the room is hot and if you want take pictures along with the other dozens of people doing it, I mean it’s not like they can kick all of you out. Good gig but I’ve seen them at better shows.

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