Top Ten Pokemon from Generation 1

Posted: March 11, 2015 in Game reviews, Top 10s
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Greetings mortals, I am DracoJames102 and welcome back to the Pokemon Marathon.

Now here I want to try something different. As the title suggests, I am going to judge which Pokemon are the best from Generation 1. Webmaster Tom makes these kind of lists a lot of the time so I thought I’d take a crack at it. Now let me explain how this list is going to work. This isn’t going to be list of my personal favourite Pokemon or anything like that. I am going to look at these Pokemon based on their move pools, total base stats and how usable they are in the Gen 1 meta game. There are quite a lot of good Pokemon in this generation so let’s see which of them is the best of the best.

Top Ten Best Pokemon Gen 1

#10: Venusaur



Venusaur is the final evolved form of Bulbasaur, which is an excellent starter Pokemon for beginners. Venusaur also happens to be the best user of Razor Leaf, which back in Gen 1 always landed a critical hit. Combined with a move pool containing Sleep Powder, Leech Seed, Toxic and average offensive and defensive base stats, Venusaur can be a mighty force to reckon with. Watch out for this mighty plant monster that most of us started out with when we first played Gen 1.

#9: Charizard



Now I know a lot of people will say that putting Charizard on this list is purely because of fanboy ism (it mostly is), but I have other reasons for putting him on this list. I believe Charizard has the most versatile move pool out of all the fire types in Gen 1. Charizard can’t learn that many moves but it can learn Earthquake, Fly and Slash which are all powerful physical moves. Combine that with Swords Dance and you’ve one powerful pseudo dragon. Add Flamethrower or Fire Blast and Charizard can be a potentially powerful mixed sweeper with great offensive stats and good speed. That’s more of a good reason to call Charizard the best fire type from Gen 1.

#8: Magneton



Now despite having a lacklustre move pool, Magneton has one of the highest special stats in the game and out of all of the electric type Pokemon. It has enough power to take on the bulkiest of Pokemon. Aside from Thunder and Thunderbolt, Magneton has access to Supersonic to confuse opponents and Reflect to increase its already pretty good defence stat. Despite not being as fast as other electric types, Magneton still has Thunder Wave which can paralyse and slow down any Pokemon that’s not a ground type. With a fantastic special stat and a good defence stat, Magneton can be a great bulky special sweeper.

#7: Exeggutor



Exeggutor can do pretty much what Venusaur can already do. It can use Hypnosis or Sleep Powder to incapacitate foes, Leech Seed, Mega Drain and Toxic to drain opponent’s health and Stun Spore to slow down any Pokemon. Exeggutor does have one advantage over Venusaur though. It is part Psychic type, which back in Gen 1 had little to no weaknesses. Exeggutor’s high special stat also allows it to hit hard with Mega Drain and Psychic. It can also learn Reflect to make it even more bulky. Don’t let the derpy faces fool you. This walking tree can be quite fierce in battle.

#6: Rhydon



Now despite being a rock and ground type (which is extremely weak to grass and the all too common water type), Rhydon does have a lot of defining strengths. Rhydon not only has a high physical defence stat but it also has a really high physical attack which allows it to hit really hard with Earthquake, Rock Slide and Body Slam. When it’s not facing water or grass types, Rhydon can actually hold its own against other powerful Pokemon in Gen 1 such as Dugtrio, Alakazam and even legendary birds Zapdos and Moltres. Rhydon is without a doubt one of the best physical sweepers in Gen 1.

#5: Lapras


Lapras is not only a kind and gentle Pokemon, but it also is the most versatile water type Pokemon in the game. It can learn all types of moves such as Surf, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, Psychic, Solarbeam and Body Slam. It can even learn Sing and Confuse Ray to incapacitate foes. Now while Lapras’ offensive stats don’t quite compare to Starmie or Gyarados, Lapras does have enough bulk to survive any hit and deal enough damage to any foe. And it’s kind enough to give people rides on its back, not to mention its a beautiful Pokemon. Definitely one water type worth adding to your team.

#4: Articuno



Now even though this legendary bird of ice is weak to the other legendary birds, Articuno is potentially the most dangerous of them all. Why? Because its Ice Beam and Blizzard attacks can freeze your Pokemon without warning and back in Gen 1, Pokemon couldn’t defrost out of the ice over time. The only way out was for your opponent to use a fire type move on your frozen Pokemon and who would be stupid enough to do that? It doesn’t help that Articuno has a really high special which allows its ice attacks to hit hard, but it can also learn Reflect to increase its physical defence and Agility to make it faster than it already is. Articuno was definitely in its prime back in the day and it’s without a doubt the best legendary bird.

#3: Slowbro



This is one derpy faced Pokemon you do not want to run into in Gen 1. It’s probably the most powerful non-legendary Pokemon in the game. Slowbro has pretty high defence and special stats which allow it to both take hits like a champ and deal out high damage with Surf, Psychic and Ice Beam. Want to know the worst part? Slowbro can further boost its special stat with Amnesia, which back in Gen 1 was a combination of Amnesia and Nasty Plot. Back in Gen 1, the special stat allowed Pokemon to not only hit hard, but it can take a lot of punishment from special attacks too. This was the main reason why many psychic types were broken back in Gen 1. But it doesn’t stop there. Despite Slowbro having the speed of a snail who’s just been to the hospital, Slowbro can use Thunder Wave to bring Pokemon down to below its speed and potentially stop it from attacking. Slowbro will break your soul in more ways than one.

#2: Mew



This super rare, super mysterious and super adorable Pokemon is often considered to be the ancestor of all Pokemon. Why you ask? Because Mew can learn every single move known to Pokemon. That’s right. Every one. This opens up a lot of possibilities for how you can raise Mew (if you can get it). You can make it a sweeper with it learning the most powerful moves in the game or you can annoy your opponents into submission by walling them and afflicting them with status conditions using Toxic and Thunder Wave. Mew can even learn Softboiled (which only Chansey can learn) to restore half of it maximum HP. Each of Mew’s base stats are high which really helps. There was a reason why you couldn’t obtain Mew without getting it at special events or using cheat codes (or using a certain glitch). Mew…I WISH I COULD HUG ONE!!!

Now before I get to #1, here are the honourable mentions: Blastoise, Raichu, Alakazam, Dodrio, Starmie, Tauros, Zapdos and Moltres

#1: Mewtwo


We all saw this coming. Mewtwo was genetically cloned from Mew by humans, only they made a few design changes in terms of looks and power. And the result is the most powerful Pokemon in the world. Mewtwo has the highest base stat total out of every single Pokemon, meaning it can outspeed almost any foe, take hits like a champ and hit really freaking hard. Mewtwo’s Psychic attack can deal a lot of damage but it can learn other powerful special attacks such as Thunderbolt, Blizzard and Fire Blast. Mewtwo can even learn Amnesia to further boost its special power and defence, learn Barrier to greatly increase its physical defence and it can heal itself with Recover and Rest, making it less like a monster and more like a god. True Mewtwo can’t learn every single move like Mew can but the moves in its arsenal are all it needs. Mewtwo, the most powerful Pokemon from Gen 1 and the most powerful Pokemon in the world.

I hope you enjoyed my list of Top Ten Pokemon from Gen 1. Please tell me what you think because I plan to do more of these in the future.

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