Pokemon Snap Review

Posted: March 9, 2015 in Game reviews
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Greetings mortals, I am DracoJames102 and welcome back to the Pokemon Marathon.

Pokemon Snap Title Card

Now I have very little experience with Pokemon spin-offs like Pokemon Snap. In fact, I’ve never played Pokemon Snap until this very  review. The only other Pokemon spin-off N64 game I played was Hey You Pikachu which I unfortunately don’t own anymore (and if I want a new copy, it will fetch for a hefty price on Amazon). Anyway despite the fact that I’ve never played Pokemon Snap before, is it still a fun game to at least try out?



You are hired as a photographer by Proffessor Oak to take pictures of Pokemon in their natural habitat. Fans of the anime will know photographer character as Todd Snap but you are free to give this character any name you want. There’s nothing else to the plot besides that so let’s move on.

Pokemon Snap story


You play in the first person perspective taking pictures of wild Pokemon. You use the control stick to move your perspective around, hold the Z button to zoom in and then use the A button to take pictures. The C buttons can be used to rotate the camera too, but the control stick is the better option. The HUD contains your film count and the items you obtain from Proffessor Oak later on the game.

pokemon snap gameplay2

The objective of the game is to take the best pictures that you can before you reach the end of the level. You’ll be constantly moving forward in your Zero-One vehicle so it’s best to get as many pictures of a Pokemon as you can. There are seven levels to travel through including the final level and each level has their own unique set of Pokemon. Not every single Pokemon is in this game but there are some pretty good choices. At the end of the level, you choose which pictures you want to show to Proffessor Oak. You can only show him one picture of each Pokemon you took on your journey so choose whichever you think is best. Proffessor Oak then ranks your picture based on the size of the Pokemon, their position and you can get bonus points for getting them into the centre of the shot, getting more of the same Pokemon in the shot and catching special shots after performing certain actions getting those Pokemon into those certain positions.


Sometimes moving on to the next course requires you to take pictures of a certain number of Pokemon, get a high enough score or to find a secret passageway in a level. These secret passageways can be found using certain items that Proffessor Oak can give you when you complete certain levels. These items are the apple which draws Pokemon in closer, the pester ball which can draw out hidden Pokemon and the Poke Flute which makes Pokemon dance depending on what tune you play. You can even score an upgrade to your Zero One vehicle which makes it go faster when you hold the R button. You use the A button for the apple, the B button for the pester ball and the Down C button for the Poke Flute.

pokemon snap gameplay

Getting to the final area to the game, Rainbow Cloud, you need to take pictures of special formations shaped like Pokemon in every level, such as the Dugtrio mountain in the Valley area and the Kingler rock formation in the beach area. However you can only start taking these pictures after meeting up with Proffessor Oak in the final area. If you take pictures of these Pokemon signs before then, it won’t count which is pretty stupid. Rainbow Cloud contains only one Pokemon and that Pokemon is the super rare and super adorable Mew. In order to take a good picture of Mew, you need to weaken its bubble shield with pester balls. Once it’s out of the bubble, start snapping some pics. Hitting it with pester balls when it’s out of the bubble can help you score some better pictures.

pokemon snap mew


The environments are lush and nice to look at. It’s great for N64 standards even though some graphical effects look a bit dated. The Pokemon models are nicely structured and animated too.


The music is nice but it’s nothing memorable. Honestly I get too caught up in getting nice pictures to really pay any attention to it. Each Pokemon has their grunts and noises from the anime which I think helps you get more enriched into the world of Pokemon.


The camera control is rather smooth and responsive, but the biggest pain is trying to hit anything with pester balls from a long distance. Maybe it’s because I’m a bad shot but I have the hardest time trying to hit faraway Pokemon such as that Zubat that’s carrying a Pikachu in the cave area.

Final thoughts

As a guy who has just played Pokemon Snap for the first time, I will say it’s pretty fun for a photography game. The controls are easy to learn and the world of Pokemon is fun to look at and travel through. I can recommend this to people who are curious to check it out but I’ll warn you that this game is really short. It took me two and a half hours to play and beat this game for this review so chances are you won’t get much out of this.

Final rating: 6/10

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