Enter Shikari @ Wolverhampton Civic Hall Summary

Posted: March 7, 2015 in Lives
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When one of my mates told me he was seeing Enter Shikari play at the Wolverhampton Civic Hall I was excited to find out that it was on my Birthday as well. So I decided “What the Hell” get myself a ticket for a Birthday treat, as I remembered seeing Enter Shikari at Download 2013 and enjoying them there. They recently released a new album this year ‘The Mindsweep’. So how was the event?


First off I arrived early before the doors were opening. I arranged to meet my mate outside, but I couldn’t find him anywhere. Oh well, when the doors open get in out of the cold and get there in time for the first support act Fatherson. They kicked off nicely with a slower and more tranquil start for what was to follow, and what followed was Allusondrugs (great band name BTW) who were considerably more energetic, particularly the guitarist (I couldn’t take my eyes off him). But things only got crazier with final support act Feed the Rhino. At first I didn’t see the frontman until I realised he was in the crowds. I had a balcony seat myself but looking down I’m glad I wasn’t in the most pit as it looked absolutely savage. When a support act is able to get the crowd moshing and waving so much you know they’re doing something right.


As always with gigs I got myself an Enter Shikari T-shirt, one with the tour dates before they come on. Before Enter Shikari came on there was an overhead speaker announcement counting down the time for them to come on, then it went dark and the band blasted off with The Appeal & The Mindsweep I and Destabilise. Right off the bat I’ll say if you’re epileptic then this is not the gig for you, because there was a LOT of strobe lighting. As The Mindsweep had just been released they played a lot of material from that album, but as I had just been getting into that album and enjoying it very much I was happy with their selection of songs, particularly with the likes of Myopia and Torn Apart. Plus they weren’t without their selection of older songs including my personal favourite Juggernauts.


Of course you didn’t need to know the songs to enjoy the show. Frontman Rou Reynolds makes the most of his on stage energy as well as off stage. At one point he climbed up a ladder to the balcony for The Last Garrison (too bad he wasn’t where I was though). And for one song the bass player was in the mosh pit with the crowd circling around him in what I can best describe as being in the centre of the maelstrom. Yeah, as you can tell it was crazy (what will they think of next?). The lead singer also expressed much musical diversity onstage by not only singing but at times playing the keyboards, guitar and even the trumpet. After their main set was done they finished with a chaotic encore, but not before first getting behind the piano and playing the new soft ballad Dear Future Historians to make for one of the nights highlights. After that they got angry again with another couple of bangers including smashing a vase onstage, then the night came to an end.


Enter Shikari impressed me live once before and here they do no less. They have a similar appeal to Muse (though more shouty) in that they try and make their music sound unique and they’re quite ambitious. If you ever get the chance to see them live don’t pass it up, it’s worth it. They’re even going to be a headliner on the Encore stage at Download 2015 (you would have to miss Kiss though) and are really a force to be reckoned with. Still not convinced? Allow me to change that. They dissed One Direction.

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