Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 2 Review

Posted: January 17, 2015 in Game reviews
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Greetings mortals, I am DracoJames102 and I am here to give you a review.

Sonic 4 Episode 2 Title Card

Episode 2 of Sonic 4 came out in 2012, just a few months after Sonic Generations came out. After the taste of Episode 1 started to grow bitter for me, I was hoping Episode 2 would improve upon where Episode 1 failed, especially after I enjoyed Sonic Generations so much. Does it? Let’s dive in.



The story takes place immediately after the events of Episode 1. Tails, who was absent for some reason last time, is tagging along with Sonic once again to stop Doctor Eggman from causing even more mischief. Anyone getting a sense of Deja Vu? Whatever, let’s roll with it.


The control scheme is exactly the same as Episode 1, only there is a new gimmick. By pressing the square button, Sonic and Tails perform a tag team ability depending on what position they are in. If they are in the air, Tails can lift Sonic and fly up temporarily. In the water, Tails acts like a submarine and carries Sonic through the water by mashing the jump button and finally when on the ground, Sonic and Tails perform a super fast super powerful version of the spin dash which can break through walls with ease. You can cancel out of these abilities by pressing the square button.

sonic 4 tag team

The goal is what it’s always been. Get to the goal at the end. The stages are sadly copies of zones from the classic series. Sylvania Castle is pretty much Aquatic Ruin.

sonic 4 sylvania castle

The only original zone it has is White Park Zone which is pretty much a theme park in a winter wonderland. The roller-coaster gimmick in Act 2 is fun but I hate the ice trap in Act 3.

sonic 4 white park

Oil Desert is a combination of Oil Ocean from Sonic 2 and Sandopolis from Sonic 3. This zone is rather uninteresting and has ear-grating themes.

sonic 4 oil desert

Sky Fortress Zone is just Winged Fortress Zone. The first act is just a longer, more drawn out version of Sky Chase Zone, but Act 2 and 3 surprisingly have what I consider the most fun level design in the whole Sonic 4 saga, managing to bring back the multiple pathways from the classic series bringing more replayability to this zone.

sonic 4 sky fortress

The final act, Death Egg mk.2, has two acts facing off against Doctor Eggman and Metal Sonic, making a return from Sonic CD. The first act has you fighting Eggman and Metal Sonic together ending with a Stardust Speedway style race with Metal Sonic and Act 2 has you fighting Eggman in the heart of the Death Egg.

sonic 4 death egg

The boss act in each zone has you fighting either Doctor Eggman in a giant mech or Metal Sonic who uses a new purple energy he found. These boss are ok at best, but the Scrap Giant in Oil Desert really overstays its welcome. Metal Sonic is more entertaining to fight though.

sonic 4 boss

There is a multiplayer feature where one player controls Sonic and the other controls Tails and you can whizz through stages a lot faster with this mode. Just be careful with Sky Chase and the Metal Sonic fight in Sky Fortress.

sonic 4 multiplayer

The special stages from Sonic 2 make a return here where you run through a half pipe trying to collect as many rings as possible in order to proceed and get the Chaos Emerald at the end. The stages actually do have new things such as a bungee cord power-up which allows Sonic and Tails collect rings more easily and there are springs which you can hit in order to get to a different part of the stage and collect more rings before you reach the goal. You can restart the stage like you can in Episode 1 if you don’t have enough rings (which you will need for Special Stage 7 trust me). Collecting all the emeralds will once again unlock Super Sonic, but no alternate ending which sucks hard.

sonic 4 special stage 2

Episode Metal

Episode Metal is unlocked after you beat the game if you have both Episode 1 and Episode 2 on the same system. It basically explains how Metal Sonic made his return from Little Planet in Sonic CD and discovered that purple energy he uses to fight Sonic and Tails. You even play as Metal Sonic through one act of each zone from the last game and it is nowhere near as exiting as you think it would be. Metal Sonic controls exactly like Sonic with no differences whatsoever. Why can’t we fly with Metal Sonic, create energy shields or perform a super powerful dash like he could in Sonic CD? Honestly this episode isn’t so fascinating.

sonic 4 episode metal


The graphics have received a much needed improvement from Episode 1. Instead of the 2D backgrounds from Episode 1, Episode 2 decided to go with beautiful fully rendered 3D backgrounds. Combined with better 3D character models, this results in one fantastic looking game.


The repetitiveness of the soundtrack rears its ugly head from Episode 1, but there some tracks that I do still enjoy such as White Park Act 2 and the themes from Sky Fortress Act 2 and 3.


The controls and physics feel a lot more fluent this time around. It still isn’t as fluent as the classic series, but I feel like they made improvements in all the right areas, such as rolling down a slope to pick up speed and not uncurling when coming off a slope.

Final thoughts

Episode 2 is an improvement over Episode 1 but not by much. It still hugely lacks in originality and it carries little to nothing over from the classic series such as the elemental shields, Knuckles, the mini-bosses and the fantastic level design. The Sonic 4 saga as a whole is really lackluster especially as a sequel to one of the most highly praised video game series of the 90s. I heard rumours that Sonic Team is giving up on continuing Sonic 4 and if that’s the case, Little Planet is doomed to be trapped forever inside the Death Egg mk.2. If you want to get into the 2D Sonic games, start with the classic series first.

Final rating: 6/10

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