The Pretty Reckless @ The Institute Birmingham summary

Posted: November 29, 2014 in Lives
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As soon as my mate Jack found out The Pretty Reckless were doing a tour of the UK he didn’t hesitate but to get two tickets for me and him. Considering that I missed them at this year’s Download festival and Jack said they were really good I thought I’d check them out. So I got their Going to Hell album in preparation and got used to most of those songs, but how was their show?


To start with there were a couple of support acts. The first band was called Nothing More. The craziest thing they did throughout the set was get the bass guitar and put it on a spinner then beating it to make sounds (OK). Youthful and crazy just about sums them up. I was quite surprised to see the next support band were Heaven’s Basement who I had previously seen at Download. They blasted through with a few more sing-alongs although in my opinion they should’ve saved I Am Electric for last, but they were good aside from that. When it was still on our mind me and Jack decided to get a Pretty Reckless jumper each. Before The Pretty Reckless came on me and Jack decided to get closer to the front for a better view (but not so far in that we’d get crushed in the pits).


While the stage was being set up a big black curtain was put in place, I guess they wanted quite a theatrical feel to it. As soon as the curtains dropped the band came on and blasted into Follow Me Down. Taylor swaggers on stage looking as seductive as ever with her slouch and hair covering her eyes. Despite having a head on view we didn’t really get to see much of Taylor’s face through her long hair. Jack had to go to the toilet a couple of times after having a bit too much to drink (at least he had that kind of money to burn). Even though I’ve only heard their Going to Hell album that was what they mostly played. Sure there were a couple of songs I didn’t recognise but at least there was some singalong going on during Sweet Things and Why’d You Bring a Shotgun to the Party.


But it wasn’t just the Going to Hell tracks that stood out. Make Me Wanna Die was their other recognisable tune, and here it sounded just as grungy and seductive as one would hope. Sadly though drama ensues later. During Heaven Knows the sound just cut out, all the lights went down and the gig was halted whilst the sound technicians tried to fix the problem. Luckily the crowd was patient and once the power came back on they re-did most of the song to make up for it. After that they did Going to Hell and F***ed Up World which included an impressive (though overlong) drum solo in between. After that the gig was over.


Overall were The Pretty Reckless any good live? Yeah, they were, but still they didn’t quite ‘Wow’ me the same way that Skillet did. Even though the sound glitch wasn’t their fault they also weren’t on for as long and according to Jack their set was pretty much the same as their Download set with a few extra songs thrown in, and there were some more from their first album he wanted them to play. Where it counted though was that they had some memorable songs and Taylor Momsen did a good job at working the crowd (except when the power went out). So yeah, good gig, if unspectacular.

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