So you’ve seen my 10 favourite Sonic stages, but what about those stages that I hate? Well this list showcases the levels that I try to avoid outside mandatory playthroughs. Same rules as before apply, one entry per game, and you might see a lot of good games here, because a bad level plaguing a good game always sticks out more. Besides if the game’s already bad then you usually don’t need the levels to tell you that. So without further ado lets race (or rather slump) through these infernal Sonic Stages.


10. Mad Space (Sonic Adventure 2 Battle)

Mad Space

Out of the three styles of gameplay in Sonic Adventure 2 the treasure hunting levels are my least favourite, and even then I can tolerate most of those levels, Mad Space however is the one I like the least. Firstly the stage is huge and the detector readings go out of their way to try and trick you (even though they don’t dupe me anymore). The other annoying aspect is the planetoids with it’s own gravitational pull. It’s like a Super Mario Galaxy before that came into being (and before it was refined) as they’re plagued by awkward controls and a wonky camera. Whatever mission I do it’s just a stage I really don’t like.

9. Oil Ocean (Sonic the Hedgehog 2)
Oil Ocean

Sonic 2 is one of Sonic’s finest offerings but still has a couple of irritating levels, and Oil Ocean is one of them. For one the enemy placement is really cheap. The Octus’s aren’t TOO bad although their stray projectiles can still catch you off guard. But the most annoying enemies are the Seahorses, who always shoot you as soon as they come on screen, it’s near unavoidable. The other annoying aspect is the level layout can be a little confusing on where to go, you think you’re making progress when you were actually supposed to go the other way. At least the boss isn’t too annoying. Eggman here is a lot easier than the robots he built for this stage, how tragic.

8. Jungle (Sonic the Hedgehog Game Gear)


Despite being limited by technology the Game Gear Sonic the Hedgehog was actually quite fun. It has a couple of good levels before taking a nosedive in the Jungle. The first act isn’t too bad but you might get blindsided by the annoying pit placements. But act 2 involves one of my most hated types of levels, Ascension levels (levels where you have to climb up and up but one slip up you fall down and repetition is inbound). They aren’t fun, aren’t fulfilling, just tedious. The boss battle is also very annoying due to the hit detection being blatantly biased. And after the game was starting out so well.

7. The Doom (Shadow the Hedgehog)

The Doom

Now normally when someone says something bad about Shadow the Hedgehog I’m able to defend it. This level however is not one of those cases. And in this regard the main issue here is the level layout. Every corridor looks the same so it’s hard to tell where you’ve already been and is easy to get lost. Also the Hero and Dark missions pretty much demand you have the special weapons unlocked, because without them those missions are pure hell. Also the lifts in this stage move so slow, and it’s tedious waiting for them. This stage is slightly redeemed by a fun shortcut you unlock through the bonus door but other than that this level is a stain on an otherwise fun and very misunderstood game.

6. Dusty Desert (Silver) (Sonic the Hedgehog 2006)

Dusty Desert

Whilst Sonic 06 may be *Ahem* laughably bad most of the levels were actually decent. This level however is an exception. It starts out average in Silver’s section but then you play as Amy (who sucks BTW). Some guy actually did a tricky but humorous glitch where you can play Amy’s section as Silver, rendering her useless. But the real reason why this level is so hated is the ball puzzle at the end where you have to pot a ball in a hole without blowing it up or dropping it in other pits. It’s incredibly patience trying and it can actually be bypassed by just glitching through the door. When a level makes you want to utilise a glitch to beat the level you know you’ve got a problem.

5. Wacky Workbench (Sonic CD)

Wacky Workbench

Even though Sonic CD is widely regarded as the best Sonic game ever I feel the level design really hurts it. Even though most levels are tolerable Wacky Workbench is just plain annoying. The level’s main gimmick is a bouncy floor that propels you to great heights. You generally want to avoid it because if you get bounced up you have to work your way back down again, think of it as like an inverse ascension level. The worst part though is that you get bounced up with such force that Sonic outruns the screen and you end up getting hit by an enemy or hazard you didn’t see because the screen couldn’t catch up. It’s as cheap as it gets. Oh well, at least the music is catchy.

4. Eggmanland (Sonic Unleashed)

Welcome to the theme park from Hell, quite literally. The final stage packs such a nut punch that it’s beyond pain. The level is nearly an hour long (give or take) and it consists of both Sonic and the Werehog. I don’t know what the worst part is, the frequently choppy framerate and button lag issues with Sonic or the precision platforming with a lack of drop shadow for the Werehog. Every time I play this level (only about a handful of times) I die loads, so I can’t imagine how ludicrously difficult the time trial must be. Besides now we have an entire game in Eggman’s theme park (Sonic Colours) it pretty much makes this level obsolete.

3. Angel Island (Sonic Advance)

Angel Island

Oh Sonic Advance, you started out so well. What the hell happened here? Up until this level the game was really easy and the levels somewhat short, but then this level comes along. It’s bad enough that it’s roughly three times as long but it also blindsides you with cheap bottomless pits, leaps of faith and raising the spike count. Difficulty is something that needs to increase gradually but here there’s no in-between as it goes from really easy to really hard in an instant. The boss also has such an awful hit box that I swear only plays fair half the time. The levels afterwards are just as bad but for the sake of getting stuck here for so long and the point where it really hits the fan Angel Island is personally most hated by me.

2. Big the Cat’s Levels (Sonic Adventure DX)

Big the Cat

Oh yeah, you probably all saw this one coming. So let me ask, what do you like doing in Sonic Adventure? High speed platforming, Racing, Shooting, or I dunno Fishing? Yeah. Who wants to do this in a Sonic game? These levels are all the same boring repetitive affair. Not only that but the fishing controls are a pain to get to grips with. Moving the lure in the water has inverted controls and trying to reel in Froggy is annoying enough, but trying to catch a 2000G fish? I’ve never been able to beat the A missions for any of these levels, and I can’t be assed. Even if it was in a fishing game it still plays badly, these stages were just dead on arrival.

Dishonourable Mention. Casino Park (Sonic Heroes)

Casino Park

Has annoying pinball table mechanics, but the level’s bright, colourful look and under-age gambling saves it.


1. ANY Level from Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Game Gear

Scrambled Egg

You know what? I hate this game. It can be defined as many things, but can never be defined as fun. Do I have a particular level I hate from it? No. The whole game is just one big pile of agony. Each stage has their own differences but combine many of my most hated gaming tropes. Slippery controls? Check. Blindsiding hazards? Check. Leaps of faith? Check. Levels with confusing navigation? Check. Stage gimmicks that require you to immediately get used to them? Check. No checkpoints in levels? Check. Annoying boss battles? Check. And underwater level and ascension level COMBINED? Check and mate. It throws in just about everything to make it as frustrating as possible. The Game Gear Sonic 2 is a game I would never recommend playing as even though it doesn’t matter which level you pick it’ll still be my most hated level in Sonic games.

Oh and just to end on a positive note here’s a link to that amusing glitch in Sonic 06 I was talking about earlier (credit to projoe719s).

  1. Adam says:

    Game Gear Sonic is awesome and you know it

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