Euro Gamer 2014 @ London Summary

Posted: October 18, 2014 in Other
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On September 27th to 28th We had a trip to Euro Gamer for the weekend. We went last year and enjoyed it so it figures we’d do it again, but this time for two days. Did this make it any better and did we get more out of it? Well let’s see.



For this year’s Euro Gamer I was going for the hell of it as there weren’t really that many games that caught my interest this year. My main anticipation was the new Super Smash Bros game for Wii U and 3DS. They had the 3DS version as a playable demo which was cool but I was privileged enough to get to try out the Wii U version as well. When I played a multi-player match on the 3DS version I won a qualifying match for a tournament that gets held regularly for the Wii U version. I entered the tournament but didn’t win (oh well). I played with new characters mostly like Mega Man, Villager and Wii Fit Trainer. Looking good so far as a potential system seller. I mostly hung around the Wii U section trying out games like Yoshi’s Wooly World, Captain Toad’s Treasure Tracker and Sonic Boom. I thought Sonic Boom was pretty fun myself, but of course the fans are so resistant to change they won’t give it a chance. I was a little disappointed with the selection of games in the Retro Arcade this year. Not too much for me and whilst they had Sonic 3 it was for competition purposes and couldn’t be played on for too long. Funnily enough they did have a Virtual Boy there with Mario’s Tennis, and yeah it sucks.


I also tried out some other games in the Indie arcade. Some of which being a racing game which was sort of a crappier F-Zero or Wipeout where one crash sent you into a spinning frenzy making me dizzy, and a game where you play as a blind girl and when you explore more of the surroundings she paints a picture in her mind, artsy. I also tried out Alien Isolation which managed to be legitimately scary, mostly due to the cold quiet atmosphere and especially when the alien catches you. I didn’t get to try out the Oculus Rift this time mostly because the queues were too big, but I did see they had a version of Alien Isolation on the Oculus Rift. Are you for real? I was only joking when I suggested that. That must be s*** your pants scary. Before I left I also got some souveniers including a Mario Kart t-shirt, a Sonic plush and various sweets. I had a lot of fun considering there weren’t many games that caught my interest. Super Smash Bros was the highlight for me and with the upcoming Star Fox Wii U game it’s leaning me ever closer towards getting a Wii U.


Greetings mortals, I am here to talk about my experiences at Eurogamer 2014. I wandered around the Nintendo Area and  I noticed a Sonic Boom demo so being the die-hard Sonic fan that I am, I decided to give the Wii U version a go. There were three demo levels that you could play. The first one was this high-speed level were you run around loop-do-loops and use this new tool which lets you whizz across laser cables, the second was this boss battle against Doctor Eggman and I’ve heard the third level was where you can play as both Sonic and Amy. I saw my friend play the high-speed level and from what I saw, it looks promising. You run through the traditional staples that you would find in a Sonic game along with some new features that looked interesting. I ended up playing the Eggman boss level and while I did enjoy some bits about the fight, there were some aspects about the combat based gameplay that rubbed me the wrong way. That could be because I’m not used to this kind of thing in a Sonic game but I might get used to it when the game finally comes out. The Super Smash Bros. demo was one of the games I wanted to try out the most. I lined up for the 3DS version and it took some getting used to seeing how I always play the series on a bigger screen, but it got me exited and I pre-ordered the game the moment I got back from Eurogamer.


While I was disappointed that there was no Batman Arkham Knight demo, that didn’t stop me from checking out the gameplay theatre that they had there. And after seeing what was in the video, I definitely want to purchase the game now. In fact it will be the sole reason that I will get a PS4. They gave out free posters when we came out the theatre and I wish they gave out something the contain the poster because mine got a little trashed in my backpack. It was still in hanging up on the wall condition but again give us something to carry our posters in. In terms of swag, I got Tomadachi Life for the 3DS and a bunch of anime such as Fairy Tail Season 2 and Sword Art Online Part 1. They even threw in a Fairy Tale movie for a cheap price. Overall I had my fun at Eurogamer, but like I said last year I am still so spoiled by Alcon. Eurogamer is still a lot of fun and I can’t wait to go with the guys to the next one.


Well being as we don’t have anything clever to close with all I can say is Euro Gamer was fun and No Items, Final Destination, Little Mac Only, For Glory.

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