Worst to Best – Star Fox series

Posted: July 8, 2014 in Game reviews, Worst to Best
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One of Nintendo’s more overlooked franchises would be the Star Fox one. With it’s space battles and anthropomorphic animals the series has a lot of charm to it as well as some fun games. As there are only five games in the main series I am going to rank them in order from my least favourite to my favourite in the series. I also won’t be including the 3DS remake of Lylat Wars as I haven’t played it and it’s essentially the same game. So with that being said Let’s Rock and Barrel Roll.

Star Fox     

5. Star Fox Adventures (Gamecube)

Starfox Adventures

Originally going to be released on the N64 as Dinosaur Planet developers Rare collabed with Nintendo and made it a Star Fox game for the Gamecube. The game is essentially a Zelda clone with Star Fox, but unfortunately the structure is very linear for an adventure game. Other elements such as backtracking and repetitive overused combat make playing through a lot of the game to be more chore than challenge. There is flying sure but these sections are too few and far between, and they just feel too samey. The graphics for the game are beautiful and the music gives a nice atmospheric vibe, but everything else just falls by the wayside. I’d say stick to Zelda Wind Waker.

4. Star Fox Command (DS)

Starfox Command

This Nintendo DS outing was actually what Star Fox 2 was going to be. The game plays out more like a strategy game with battle plans, a neat idea. The game has a huge roster of playable characters each with their own attributes, the touch controls are a little difficult at first but work fine, and the game’s story has a chose your own path approach to it, with a total of 9 different endings making for plenty of replay value. The gameplay can get rather repetitive and there are a lot of annoying difficulty spikes but still a pretty good effort at a tactical Star Fox game and not as bad as some would have you believe.

3. Starwing (A.K.A. Star Fox) (SNES)

The one to start it all. One of the few games to utilise 3D on the Super Nintendo thanks to the Super FX chip, this game not only looks impressive for it’s time but also plays just as well. The game is a standard on rails shooter, simple but fun. It offers three different paths to take with varying difficulty, the controls are solid bar the often stiff barrel roll mechanic and it’s all accompanied by some catchy music. The game is very hard though, to this day I still haven’t beaten it. That aside though this laid down the foundation for the other games to follow and is a good game with a challenge to match.

2. Star Fox Assault (Gamecube)

Starfox Assault

I’m not sure why Star Fox fans are so hostile towards this game. People say it’s because of the on foot missions, but as these are the same people who defend Star Fox Adventures I still don’t see their point. The main thing to note about this game was that aside from Arwing flying the game also includes on foot missions. The game however tries really hard to re-capture the feel of the older games be it in the Arwing, on foot or even the Landmaster. The game also controls well (providing you use the dual stick controls). All the stages are great fun, but with only 10 of them the game is too short. Still this is a solid shooter with a lot of action, varied levels, a great soundtrack and a fun multi-player battle mode. I say check it out.

1. Lylat Wars (A.K.A. Star Fox 64) (N64)

Lylat Wars

Was there ever any doubt? This game which is essentially a remake of the first game improved on it in pretty much every aspect. Controls feel more fluent due to analogue movement, the levels are more varied and this was the first N64 game to utilise the rumble pack. Other new additions this game made to the series were All Range mode, the charge shot, The Landmaster, Blue Marine and team Star Wolf. The game also has extensive replay value due to the levels containing hidden objectives allowing for alternate ways of beating the game, I’d quite happily play through this game again anytime. For these reasons Lylat Wars is what I consider the best game in the series, and I have yet to play the 3DS remake.


So that’s how I rank the Star Fox games. With the announcement of a new game in the series coming to the Wii U I’m no doubt looking forward to see how it turns out. But as of now this list is like my measuring stick of quality. Where will this new one end up when the final game comes out? Only time will tell.

Starfox WiiU

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