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Like most people throughout their childhood, I grew up with a lot of Disney movies. In fact, my family worked on collecting every single one of their animated movies on the original VHS tapes. I really enjoyed a majority of their movies and even today I still enjoy most of the movies they have put out. The company does have its ups and downs, but almost no-one can deny the quality of their products when they are great. Disney has a huge roster of timeless characters and what better way of flashing them out in the gaming industry than with a video game where you can control all of them? This is my review of ‘Disney Infinity’.

Disney Infinety Title Card

With the popularity of the Skylanders video games, it isn’t that surprising that Disney would want to try the same thing with their library of characters. Admittedly I was pretty skeptic about buying the game at first but in Christmas 2013, my little sister gave me the game as a present and I was curious to try it out. Now for this review, I am going to be taking a look at the game’s starter pack which comes with a copy of the game, a play mat, a power pad which contains Mickey’s car, a play piece where you can explore three of the Disney worlds, a play mat to put your characters on and the character figurines that you get with it, which are Mr. Incredible from The Incredibles, Sulley from Monsters University and Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean. Is this game worth adding to a Disney fan’s collection and will it satisfy a casual gamer? Let’s dive right in.

disney cover



The main universe of Disney Infinity has absolutely no big epic plot going on. The only story that happens within the game takes place in each of the worlds within the Disney universe that you can visit. These worlds are contained in special play pieces that you have to purchase, but for this review I shall be looking at the worlds in the starter pack play piece that you get.

The Pirates of the Caribbean world’s story involves the pirates going after a special treasure called the Kraken’s Bane, which wards off Davy Jones’ beloved pet Kraken before Davy Jones can get his hands on it.


The Incredibles’ city Metroville is under attack by Syndrome and a few of his bad guy baddies and the Incredibles need to stop them from causing havoc.


Monster’s University requires you to pull pranks on their rival university Fear Tech to achieve more campus points than they do and become the superior university.


That is about all you’re going to get from these stories. I think that they could have done a better job in terms of writing. The stories are not bad by any means. I just wish that there was more to them.


The game is a 3D over-world platforming adventure. You place your figurine on the left circle pad of the play mat to play as that character in the game and you can place another figurine in the right circle pad so that a second player can join in on the action. You place the play piece and/or power discs in the hexagonal pad. You move your character with the L-Stick and rotate the camera with the R-Stick. The X button allows you to jump, double-jump and climb up ledges, the square button lets you interact with NPCs and pick stuff up, the circle button block attacks and dodge them when used with the L-stick and the triangle button lets you use one of the character’s special combat abilities. Jack Sparrow uses his sword, Mr. Incredible uses super-strong punches and Sulley uses a shoulder charge. The start button takes you to the pause menu where you can save the game and the select button takes you to your mission log and the toy store where you can buy new toys. Holding the L2 button lets you aim, the R1 button accesses your tools menu so you can assign the tools you have collected throughout your journey to your special ability buttons and the R2 button lets you use your characters other special ability such as Jack Sparrow’s gun, Mr. Incredible’s super strength quake and Sulley’s roar. You also have a health bar which fills back up if you manage to avoid taking damage for a few seconds, but you don’t have any lifes and the game doesn’t penalize you for dying in the first place.

monsters gameplay

In order to proceed with the story in each world, you have to complete a series of side-quests. These can range from collecting certain objects, beating up enemies and using one of the various tools you collect along your journey. There is an arrow that points in the direction you need to go in case you ever get lost. Some of them are completely optional, but you need to complete certain side-quests in order to progress. Every time you complete a side quest or defeat an enemy, you collect sparks which act as experience points to level up your character and money and with that money, you can buy toys from the Toy Store that can either be a useful tool that you need to use in order to proceed or it could just be something you want to decorate your Toy Box world with, which I will get into later.

incredibles gameplay

Each world is fairly big and have their own recognizable landmarks and come with their own variety of enemies. You can only visit the world if you are playing as a character from that specific world. Metroville has different versions of Omnidroids to fight, Monsters University has Fear Tech students and the Caribbean has Davy Jones’ sea creature crew. Each world also has a ton of capsules lying around that can either contain a huge amount of sparks or an item to use in your toy box. There are also special chests that contain special surprises for your toy box, but some of them require that you play as a certain character in order to open the chest. Metroville is your standard super hero city with a secret facility and a harbor. The world itself isn’t too big and there shouldn’t really be a point where you can get lost. Monsters University has you exploring the campus as well as Fear Tech’s campus, but the underground pipe passages feel very similar to another and it can be hard to tell where you are going at times. The Caribbean is without a doubt the biggest world out of the starting worlds but this is personally my favourite world so far because you get to drive a pirate ship which controls rather nicely. My only problem with it is that when you are out at sea, it’s sometimes hard to tell which way it is to either the jungle area or the town you start off in in case you want to go back and explore them when you don’t have a mission arrow telling you where they are.

pirate gameplay

Toy Box mode is where you can actually create and customize your own levels and worlds. If you are familiar with the LittleBig Planet series, then it’s pretty much the same thing only you are creating a 3D environment. You can access the Toy Box via the Disney Infinity hub station or just by pressing the select button. You select which toy you want with the X button and place it with the X button. The square button lets you enter spark mode which transforms you into a small yellow spark which allows you to select an object using the L-Stick and you can use the X button in order to move it or delete it using the circle button in case you made a mistake, though personally I would have preferred an undo function. It can also be hard to position yourself in spark mode when it comes to trying to select small objects because the camera doesn’t have a zoom in or out function. Though the toy box’s special tool, the magical wand does allow you to select objects to edit.

toy box

When you level up your character, you get a special token that you can use in the Toy Spin vault where you can earn a randomly selected new toy for your toy box world. This can range from building sets, famous landmarks such as Pride Rock, The Haunted Mansion and the Cave of Wonders and new enemies such as Agrabah’s royal guards and Prince John’s rhino soldiers.

toy vault

You can also access adventures to complete in Toy Box mode to score more sparks to level up your character. These can range from an arena mode where you have to beat up enemies and outlast a war of attrition, racing levels where you have to beat the course under a certain amount of time and using a slingshot to destroy buildings in order to achieve a high score. Each playable character have their own unique adventures that you can play as well. There are also mastery adventures which teaches you the mechanics and techniques of how to create your toy box world.


The Hall of Heroes is where you can look at what else you can buy for this game. The floor has power disc pads that tell you what power discs are available for this game and there are statue stands that tell you what playable characters you can collect for this game such as Jack Skellington, Elsa, Anna, Wreck-It Ralph and Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey Mouse.

hall of heroes


The graphics are pretty great. The environments of the worlds are lush and eye-popping, the character models and designs are pretty cool and it carries that magical Disney atmosphere that we are all familiar with.


The music is catchy at times, but if you would ask me to hum the original tunes for this game, I couldn’t do that because most tracks are often forgettable. There are times where some tracks from the original Disney movies play and those are the ones I look forward to. That only occurs in the worlds you visit though.

There is some voice-acting that occurs whenever the characters feel like talking to themselves. Some of the characters are voiced by their original voice actors such as Jack Skellington and Mickey Mouse, but others like Jack Sparrow and Elsa have completely different voice actors which do pretty good jobs though Elsa’s voice actress does bug me a bit. It feels like she’s not really trying at times.


Each character has very smooth control and are pretty responsive to button inputs. The only time they feel stiff is when they are recovering from knock-back in mid-air where you can’t influence their mid-air direction at all.

Final thoughts

After I played Disney Infinity for the first time, I was actually pretty pleasantly surprised. I liked how the game looked, I thought each character’s unique abilities were cool and it does a pretty good job replicating that Disney atmosphere that I grew up with. In fact, I actually did purchase a few more of the playable character figurines. So far I have Jack Skellington, Elsa, Anna, Mrs. Incredible, Mike Wazoski, Barbosa and Mickey Mouse and I thought each of these characters were pretty cool to play as. However good game-play aside, can I still recommend it to you guys? Well…yes but there is a catch. In order to get the most enjoyment out of creating your own Disney worlds and the game in general, you’re going to have to spend quite a lot of cash. Each character figure costs £12 and a set of characters as well as a new play piece that contains a new world to explore costs £35, which I know that some gamers will be turned off by. I’m still skeptic about what else I want to get for this game as I am not keen on getting every single figurine and collection pack such as the Cars pack (for obvious reasons) and I have other things that I need to do and other games that I need to play. However if you are the creative type of gamer that also loves Disney, then I can highly recommend this game to you. Just be prepared to shell out a ton of cash.

Now am I exited for release of Disney Infinity 2.0? Not really. To be honest, I would rather have a download function which updates the original game to be able to have enough memory to have all of these new features and characters that are going to be available in the next game rather than buying another updated copy. I also have mixed feelings about the Marvel characters being in the next game. On the one hand it is pretty cool to play as my favourite Marvel heroes such as Spider-Man, Wolverine and Incredible Hulk, but on the other hand, it doesn’t really make it ‘Disney’ Infinity anymore. It’s more like ‘Everything Disney owns’ Infinity which isn’t nearly as catchy. I’m not saying the game will be bad, I’m just giving you my honest opinion. I hope you guys have fun with it when it comes out and I’ll just be standing by trying to finally buy a Nintendo Wii U or a Playstation 4 as soon as any games I’m interested in finally come out.

Final Rating: 8/10


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