Euro Gamer @ NEC Birmingham Summary

Posted: April 8, 2014 in Other
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Hey everyone. A while back we went to Euro Gamer at the LG arena in Birmingham. For those who don’t know we went to the London expo last year and we really enjoyed it. So how does this one hold up? Well here we give you our collective thoughts on the event and what we did.



So when heard about Euro Gamer coming to Birmingham I was interested, as I enjoyed the London one last year. This one wasn’t as big for a start and there wasn’t much in terms of upcoming games that interested me, but nethertheless I still thought I’d go. I got to try out Dream involving the Oculus Rift. I had to queue for about an hour, but it really showed how Oculus Rift can really add to an already immersive environment, a concept like Metroid Prime would be awesome for the Oculus Rift. There was also another retro arcade where you could play older games. I got to play Mega Man and I even beat the Yellow Devil legit (real men don’t use the pause trick). I also got to try out Ikaruga for the first time. I was always curious about that game, but after playing it it’s loads fun, but hard as hell. The other main game I got to try out was Alien Isolation for the PS4. For a survival horror game it was pretty scary, avoiding being seen by an alien in a desolate space station really gave me the feeling of being alone and helpless. Whilst there wasn’t quite as much here that really caught my interest I’m going to be going to the London one later this year, so I’m sure that’ll be even better.



Greetings mortals, I am DracoJames102 and I am sorry that I haven’t been posting as many reviews as I promised. University work is my main priority at the moment but that’s not what here to talk about right now. I enjoyed the Eurogamer expo in London so I couldn’t wait to see what there would be in this recent event in Birmingham. I did not have any idea what new games that they would be showcasing but in the end there wasn’t really anything that I was particularly interested in. I spent most of my time hanging around the retro arcade section playing good old classics such as ‘Super Smash Bros. Melee’ and ‘Mario Kart 64’. They did host the national Pokemon X and Y tournament…which I did not compete in, but I had a few fun friendly battles with some of the competitors. Overall I had a good time at the convention, but I was expecting a bit more from it. The upcoming games they had on display is more opinion based, but I was hoping that they would sell retro games and consoles at the retro arcade session. It wasn’t as fun as the London expo (which I am hoping to attend), but it was still pretty fun.



After having a great time at Eurogamer in London, i was quite curious about eurogamer in Birmingham. Eurogamer Birmingham, or EGX Rezzed, is basically Eurogamer but with more of a focus on indie and PC games, with a few AAA companies. As soon as I arrived, I decided to try ‘Octodad: Deadliest Catch’, a game that was quite funny throughout. After that, I got to try ‘Private Eye’ which is a detective game with uses the Oculus Rift. Out of all the games, this was probably the best there for me. Soon after, I got to try ‘Street Fighter: The Card Game’ which was quite amusing throughout. Then I got to try ‘TowerFall Ascension’, a multiplayer fighting game and ‘Mega Coin Squad’, which is the same except fighting for getting the most coins. Finally, I got to try ‘Mercenary Kings’, which is a multi coop game, with a familiar art style. Overall, EGX was really good. Although, I wasn’t able to try out a lot of games due to me leaving earlier , and the games I wanted to see the most (‘Alien Isolation’) I weren’t able to see. In the end, I did a good time, but I liked London more.



Hello i am gamedojo1 (Ben) and I love games not just video games but board game as well and as every one else is mainly doing the video games I be doing mainly board games. Ok let’s start off with coup, it’s a bit like poker in the way you have bluff but you also have to lie a bit and use coins to win the game and it was fun the next game i played was street fighter: the deck building game and I really like it how you built your deck as you play the game while you fight your oponents and bosses I like it so much i have decide to buy it when it come out this year. I soon learn that I can play marvel dices master and i jump at a caghie to play it and it was good rolling dices and fighting x-men as I played the games. I got drag in to game of king of Tokyo and I lost but it was sill fun and I soon had to go back home 😦


So overall we all did our own things but still enjoyed the event all the same. I think it is the shared opinion however that it wasn’t quite up to par with the London expo (which we’ll be visiting in September) as there just wasn’t as much to offer, but there was still something for everyone. Whatever kind of gamer you are, game on.

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