Kerrang Tour 2014 @ O2 Academy Birmingham summary

Posted: February 17, 2014 in Lives
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As soon as Kayleigh found out that Limp Bizkit were touring the UK she didn’t hesitate to let me know. I was impressed with their performance at Download 2013 so I was eager to see them again. Upon finding out they were headlining the Kerrang tour and the tickets were £20 we just had to go.  And it wasn’t just Limp Bizkit but there were also three other bands playing, so if you were to do the maths we were paying £5 per band. Bargain or what? So anyways here’s my summary of the Kerrang Tour 2014.

Kerrang Tour

To start we got there roundabout 7:30 give or take. The first band were Baby Godzilla, we caught about half of their set. For an upcoming British band they seemed to have a lot of on stage energy but the crowd seemed to be saving theirs for the main event, so they came and went. The next band were certainly considered an acquired taste, Nekrogoblikon. The most noticeable thing about the band was the goblin that introduced the band. Whilst the band were pretty good the goblin didn’t really do much but dance around the stage and hype up the crowd, and some definitely thought he was hogging the spotlight. Still worth seeing if only for the novelty of having a goblin in the band. But that wasn’t all. When I went to the toilet after their set I came back and saw the singer and the goblin posing for photos. So I thought “What the hell” and got this sweet shot with them.


The biggest surprise came from the next and final support act Crossfaith. For those who don’t know they are a Japanese rave metal band. Whilst very loud like the previous acts they packed an adrenaline fuelled punch and even got the crowd moshing along to some particularly bouncy tunes, including a very good cover of The Prodigy’s Omen. After their set they made an announcement that they would be at Download festival on Friday on the Main Stage, and I would be more than happy to see them again. After their set I went to get a T-shirt like what I usually do. I went for the one which has the Limp Bizkit members in 8-Bit, for something a bit retro.


When it was time for Limp Bizkit to come on they opened with Wes Borland in a white suit paying a ukulele (?). Yeah he’s always been the eccentric side of the band. When the rest of the band arrived they kicked things off with 9 Teen 90 Nine. You gotta give Fred Durst credit, considering he’s a fair bit older than the other bands he still has that on-stage energy that a lot of younger bands have. Their set had a good amount of oldies, plus Gold Cobra which they didn’t play at Download. Of course they had a few covers as well, like a cover of Faith by George Michael and Guns N Roses Welcome to the Jungle which then segwayed into Rollin’.


We were a bit more to the side but the view was still decent. We later moved back to the bar area and had a surprisingly good side on view of Wes. Still even back at the bar things were getting pretty raucous in the crowd, so I can only begin to imagine how dangerous the centre of the mosh pit would’ve been. Looking back at Download when I saw the moshing from the viewing platform, probably not too dissimilar. For me the second half of the gig was the best as they got into most of the singalong classics like My Generation, Nookie, Break Stuff etc, as is par the norm for Limp Bizkit to make their gigs as much parties as they are concerts, and they like to get the crowd singing along as much as they can.


The event wasn’t perfect though. For one Fred’s banter often backfired, when making cracks at the people in the balcony and Kerrang magazine received boos from the crowd. I hope for his sake those reactions were intentional on his part. I was also disappointed at the lack of Take a Look Around and Boiler (would’ve been nice to hear them play that). Still that’s not enough to tarnish my enjoyment of the event. Whatever your stance on Limp Bizkit may be the Kerrang tour showed that they know how to get a crowd going crazy and that they’re still a force to be reckoned with.

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