Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2 Review

Posted: November 12, 2013 in Game reviews

Greetings mortals, I am DracoJames102 and I am here to give you a review.

‘Star Wars The Force Unleashed’ was a successful game when it was first released. It managed to sell over one million copies on the year it was released. Something this successful was warranted for a sequel. I remember seeing two trailers for this game back in 2010 which featured Starkiller fighting a gigantic monster and Starkiller using his force powers to battle the Imperials. I was exited to play it especially after playing the first game. The game was released a few months later and I managed to get my hands on it. Does this game manage to expand upon the formula of the first game and still stand out as a game in general? This is my review of ‘Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2’.



The story takes place after the events of the first game. How long the time period is between the two stories is never established. It starts with Darth Vader flying to Kamino to check on his new secret apprentice, a Starkiller clone. The original Starkiller died in the last game (Sorry to spoil the ending of the last game but I wanted to keep this in context) and Darth Vader has been cloning a lot more Starkillers and training them to seek out and destroy the Empire’s enemies. However they have all failed to meet his expectations and each time they do, Darth Vader just kills them and starts again with another clone because he obviously has nothing better to do than waste his time finding the Empire’s enemies himself after his plot with the first apprentice worked so well before. This particular clone manages to escape from Darth Vader’s clutches after he fails his test at killing an image of Starkiller’s love interest Juno and goes off on a quest to find himself and the real Juno.

Personally I think that this story is utterly ridiculous. The story of the first game didn’t need to continue. Where they left it off before was fine. This story just feels unnecessary. Most of the characters are stupid and unlikable particularly Starkiller. In the review of the last game I complained about certain character traits about Starkiller. The Starkiller in this game is even worse here because later on in the game he becomes selfish when he refuses to help the Rebellion because he wants to see his precious girlfriend again. He would risk all of the lives of the people fighting for galaxy peace than lose a girlfriend that may or may not like him because he is merely a clone of a dead man. This guy should date Princess Elise from ‘Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)’. Besides does it really matter what happens to these new characters? We all know they’re not in the original trilogy, so what’s the point? On the upside, we do get a Yoda cameo and a Boba Fett cameo.



This game follows the exact same gameplay style from the first game. The only difference is that Starkiller uses two lightsabers now but it really doesn’t impact anything. There are only two new moves that this game introduces. The first new trick is the Jedi mind trick move which you can use by holding L2 and pressing the triangle button. This was the same combination you used for the lightening shield from the last game, which I never used. The mind trick allows you to temporarily have your enemies fight each other or they just commit suicide. The other new trick is the ‘Force Fury’ meter, which is at the bottom left of the screen. By defeating enemies, the meter goes up bit by bit and once it’s full, you can press down on the control sticks to activate Force Fury which allows you to hit enemies a lot harder with your force powers. That sounds awesome, but I barely use this feature. The enemies go down pretty easily with regular strikes anyway. You can still collect Jedi holocrons to unlock costumes, lightsaber crystals, collect experience points and spend them on upgrades to your powers and abilities.


This game only has four levels to go through this time (technically five if you count Dagobah, but I don’t because you don’t actually do anything in this level and it only lasts for one minute). Considering the last game had seven levels, this is pretty odd. So to make up for it, the developers have decided to make these levels some of the tediously longest levels I have ever played through. Now the first level isn’t that bad in terms of length and difficulty. It was a good starting level, it introduces the mind trick for you to use and it lasted about twenty-five minutes (I timed it). The garbage doesn’t start until the second level. Now by garbage I mean in terms of stage length. The challenge in the levels is fair enough and I don’t deem anything that’s too hard. What really ticks me off is how long the levels go on for. I timed how long I took to beat the second stage. It took me one hour and sixteen minutes to beat this stage. ONE HOUR AND SIXTEEN MINUTES!!!! That’s including the boss fights and I only died three times in this stage. I felt that the other stages took as long, maybe longer, to beat too. What pinhead in the development team thought that this was a good idea? My guess is that they looked at the story and realized ‘Gee, this story is pretty short. I know! Let’s make the levels last longer. It makes our game last longer and no one will get bored.’ There were many times where I got bored and tired of going through the stage and there were many times where i just wanted to say ‘Oh my god, END ALREADY!!!’ That isn’t the sign of a good game to me when I am in that mind set. To me a level in a game should have the right amount of length without being too long or too short. I don’t want to spend more than one hour trying to complete a stage when I could spend one hour beating two sections in a ‘Metroid’ game.


The enemies you fight within the game are the same Imperial troops you fought in the last game. You still fight stormtroopers, scout troopers and jet packed stormtroopers. In this game, a new aesthetic was added where stormtroopers have their armour, their arms and their heads cut off when you attack them with lightsabers (it’s no wonder why this game was rated 16+). New imperial enemies have been introduced such as giant robots with shields that shoot either fire or frozen carbon, mini AT-STs with missile launchers and troops that wield either lightsabers or force powers (one thing I should point out, where exactly were these enemies as well as some of enemies from the game when the original movie trilogy took place?). My problem with this is you fight nothing but Imperial enemies in this game. In the last game, you not only fought Imperials, you fought Rodians, Felucians and scrap monsters. Because of this I feel that there is very little enemy variety this time around. I do enjoy fighting some of the enemies but I do want more enemy types when it comes to video games.


The boss fights in this game are pretty cool. Some of them can be pretty creative, but because they can last too long and they use very little strategies, they can get pretty boring. For example, in the final fight with Darth Vader, he will engage in lightsaber battles with you, throw capsules at you and send in thugs to keep you busy. It’s not until he’s low on health that he tries to destroy the platform that you are standing on, but he only does it one time and by the time you have inflicted enough damage to him, you move on to the next section of the boss fight. I find them cool but I also find them boring and repetitive, which is odd to me.



The graphics in this game are absolutely gorgeous. Each world you visit have a lot of attention to detail, the character models are spot on and the fully rendered cutscenes almost make me feel like I’m actually watching a ‘Star Wars’ movie. These are some of the best graphics I have ever seen in a video game so far.


The music is pretty much the same ‘Star Wars’ tunes as well as some original tunes for this particular game series. I do enjoy it but I can only enjoy it for so long when i am traversing through the long levels.


The controls feel like they work just as well as they did in the last game. It has both the same strengths and the same weaknesses in terms of collision detection. If you want to know my opinion, it’s the same opinion as the controls in the last game.

Final thoughts

In case it wasn’t obvious at this point, I am not a fan of this game. Do I think it is a terrible game? I wouldn’t go that far. The levels drag on for too long, the story is horse manure and the game doesn’t really do anything new in terms of gameplay. I don’t think it makes the game terrible, I think it just makes it dull. I absolutely love the games graphics, but even that doesn’t make up for questionable game design and you will get bored fighting the same kinds of enemies over and over again. I can only recommend this game to fans of the ‘Star Wars’ franchise. I love Star Wars, but in cases like these I am a game reviewer first. If you want to get into this series but are not a Star Wars fan, I would still recommend the first game as it has a lot more going for it. Only get this game if there is REALLY nothing else to play.

Final rating: 6/10

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