At the moment Paramore are one of my favourite bands, with their catchy pop punk songs. However back in 2010 the Farro brothers quit the band. I thought it would put the band on hiatus, but the remaining members soldiered on and continued to put out music. They even opened for The Cure at Reading and Leeds 2012, and they were awesome. Their 2013 self-titled album was one of my most anticipated of the year. But how does it hold up? Well let’s find out.


First thing to mention is the band’s current line up. With the departure of the Farros this leaves Hayley Williams on the Vocals, Taylor York on the Guitar and Jeremy Davis on the Bass. The drumming for this album was done by Ilan Rubin who has worked with other bands such as Lostprophets and Nine Inch Nails. For their live shows they’ve had various people drumming for them, no permanant replacement. So in terms of permanant members the band are now very much a three-piece.


Whenever a new album by one of my favourite bands comes out I’m quick to compare it to my favourite album of theirs, for Paramore that would be Riot. This new album consists of 17 songs making it easily their longest album yet. Their opening single Now would suggest that the listener would expect change (In the hardcore fan’s dictionary Change=Bad). I wasn’t massively keen on it at first, but it is a grower and I now think it’s a pretty good song, certainly sets the tone of the album.


The songs on the album aren’t quite as energetic as some of the ones on Riot. The album does have some rocking tunes like Fast in my Car or Anklebiters as well as some softer ones like Last Hope. The band are now doing a more experimental outing with many of the songs on this album. Some songs like Ain’t it Fun include a choir chanting through the song and some songs like Daydreaming and a couple of songs near the end of the album use string sections. There are also 3 short interludes which just consists of Hayley and a ukelele. Perhaps the safest ground is the second single Still Into You, probably their poppiest song yet. Fans who enjoy the punk vibes the band usually have may not like this song and may find the video even more sickening, but as for me I think it’s super catchy and serves as the anthem to those long time fans. Plus it’s good to see something decent get into the charts. Another standout track is Part II which bares a striking similarity to Let the Flames Begin off Riot. Being one of the most popular of their songs amongst fans they gave it a part 2 (Ah, so that’s where it got it’s name from).


Many of the songs reflect on their past hardships they went through (I can’t shake the suspision that Interlude: Moving On was sung about the Farro brothers) and how they’ve grown up as a band. With that in mind though the tunes offer an optimistic air to them to deliver their usual upbeat sounding vibe making them enjoyable to listen to. So are there any tracks I don’t like? Well I wasn’t too keen on the last track Future. It’s a little too quiet and hard to hear Hayley sing, plus the ending feels dragged out and on the repetitive side. This however is merely a disappointing finish to an otherwise stellar album.


So would I recommend this album to Paramore fans? Hell yeah. I’d even recommend it to non-fans as with their wide range of songs from the upbeat to the softer ones there’s something for everyone here. How does it compare to something like Riot? Well it’s hard to say as they’re both 2 different albums. At this moment in time I can’t really say which one I like better, so if the new work is up there with my favourite of their albums that’s definitely a good thing. Nothing much else needs to be said about Paramore except after all this time I’m Still Into You.


Overall Score: 9/10
Favourite Track/s: Still Into You, Part II

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