As many of you may know by now I’m a huge rock music fan and I love going to gigs. One of my favourite modern bands at the moment would be the Tennessee pop punks Paramore. On the 23rd of September they came to the LG Arena in Birmingham as part of their self-titled tour, and me Jimmy and Kayleigh went to see them. How was it you may ask? Well read on to find out.


I decided to get there prompt and early because I didn’t want to take my chances with the traffic. Thankfully the traffic was nice and calm and I made it there in plenty of time. I also found a parking space nice and easy, but when I parked I then took a snapshot on my phone of where I parked, after having a mishap a while back at Thorpe Park where I couldn’t find my car I didn’t want that to happen again. It was quite a walk from where I parked but there was a shuttle bus that took me there so I used that instead.


Once I got inside the LG Arena there was still a bit of waiting around for Jimmy and Kayleigh, but I had a look around and there was even a small stage outside with two guys doing an accoustic set. The band was called Jet Pack but only two of them were there as the other two got stuck in traffic. Still something to keep me occupied whilst I was waiting. Not long after they finished their set I met up with Kayleigh and Jimmy.


The first thing we did was get a T-Shirt, because I always like to get one as a reminder of the gig. We got the ones which had the dates on it. After that we decided to check out the first support act Eliza and the Bear. Wasn’t much to say as they’re a typical British indie band, but they had a couple of pleasant songs and were indeed enjoyable and felt like a worthy support act for Paramore, or would’ve done had Charli XCX not been shoehorned in between. Right when she was starting Kayleigh got her hopes up with the colourful lights, but when Charli started singing she promptly left. Her set boasted a lot of light (to the point where I thought she was trying to blind us) but her chugging electrical riffs somehow feel out of place (that’s to say were they ever in place?).


After that I went to the toilet to change into my T-Shirt, then we decided to move closer and more to the side. We got a kickass view and I took some pretty good shots from where I was. When it was 9:00 Paramore were a few minutes late arriving and tension was building, but when they did arrive and kicked off with Grow up the tiny delay feels worth it. As Paramore have a new album out naturally they played a lot of songs off that particular album (11 out of the possible 17 to be exact), however they also included old favourites like That’s What You Get and Crushcrushcrush.


The show itself was really good to watch. Paramore seem to be quite a multi-coloured band, and it showed here as the lights were varied from blue, to orange to green etc. Hayley has got quite a voice which sounds even more impressive up close, not only that but she makes great efforts to interact with the audience, including getting a girl to come on stage and sing Misery Business with her. So what were the highlights? Well I think most of the new stuff has transcended well live, Fast in my Car proved a funky tune to keep the energy going, fan favourite Last Hope got the crowd singing along and they even played the interludes with Taylor on the uke.


The only song I didn’t recognise was one called In the Mourning, but I don’t mind when bands do suprises like that. The gig definitely felt like it went quick, even though they were on for 90 minutes approx their songs aren’t too long so they were able to fit a lot into that time slot. After their energetic closer Still Into You the concert was over. The only thing now was getting out. I had to take Kayleigh and Jimmy home so it was quite a walk to the car, then the inevitable waiting process of getting out. Once out though we hit the road. We then *ahem* took a rather scenic route to get back, I mean you don’t go on the same roads every day, right? (OK I got lost).


When all is said and done did I enjoy Paramore? Hell yeah. They’ve always been known for being good live and that night was evidence of that. If ever Paramore do come back to the UK (they visit more frequently than you’d think) then they’re definitely worth checking out. And now the anticipation wait for Avenged Sevenfold begins.

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