Bring me the Horizon – Sempiternal Album Review

Posted: September 13, 2013 in Album reviews
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Since 2006 when the band Bring me the Horizon first came out they have established themselves as one of Britain’s biggest post hardcore bands alongside Enter Shikari and have become well known for doing good live performances getting main stage billings at popular festivals such as Reading and Leeds and even a headline slot at last years Warped Tour UK. The album of theirs I’m going to be looking at is their fourth studio album Sempiternal released in 2013.


First thing to get out of the way is the album title, Sempiternal. For all those wondering the definition of that word is Eternal and Unchangable. Since it’s release though it has popularised many memes on the internet of “This is Sandpit Turtle” being a simple case of misheard lyrics. I wonder how Oli Sykes reacted to all these memes on the mis-interpreting of the lyrics? Well it’s made his album more well known worldwide so he can’t exactly complain.

Sandpit Turtle

As for the genre of music this album could be categorised under post hardcore, metalcore, screamo whatever you want, you usually find it under the Metal section in HMV. This album is another outing of a band experimenting with different musical styles. At it’s core this is a metal band but they also from time to time use modern sounding electronics and sections of ambience, like the calm tone at the beginning of Shadow Moses building up to a heavy riff. Being a metal band you naturally have a screaming frontman in Oli Sykes, but in mashing it up with the electronics and atmospheric tones the music is not only catchy but easier on the ears and not dissimilar to that of Linkin Park.

Bring me the Horizon

Several of the songs go for a more radio friendly route. This is most apparant in the album’s singles like Sleepwalking and Shadow Moses, but fear not metalheads as this album does contain some heavy shredders such as The House of Wolves and Antivist. The first half of the album is where most of the singles are, later on there are a couple of heavy yellers with lots of swearing (gotta earn that Parental Advisory sticker somehow, eh?) before finishing off with the more mellow Hospital for Souls. It very much depends on how metal you want it really. Those who like metal but prefer something tuneful will probably find a lot to like here whilst hardcore metalheads might fell it leaves something to be desired.

Shadow Moses

That aside what do I think of the album? Well I really enjoyed it. Coming from someone who is a big fan of Linkin Park I generally got similar vibes from this album. I thought the ambient tones the songs had gave them more atmosphere and for a screamo band the songs are definitely more accessible and easy to get into. For this reason though certain metal fans who generally don’t like Bring me the Horizon anyways will find this even more unappealing. And if people say this flat out sucks, well that’s fine, just see how many fucks Oli Sykes gives (I.E. None).

Oli Sykes

Overall score: 8/10

Favourite Track/s: Shadow Moses, Go to Hell for Heaven’s sake

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