With Download Festival just around the corner (Even though you can’t see me through the text I’m quaking with excitement) I thought I’d share my band plan on who to see, why and just other random funny stuff.


There are a number of bands who I’m really excited to see, some who I’ve already seen before but most who I will be seeing for the first time. Of course I couldn’t make this section without mentioning Iron Maiden, veterans at Download who also have the longest set out of all the acts (clocking in at a mighty 2 hours) and featuring the high flyer of hard rock himself Bruce Dickinson. I am also really excited about seeing 30 Seconds to Mars who after hearing their previous albums I have become quite the 30 Seconds to Martian (Is that what the fans are called? I dunno.). Slipknot who I’m sure will be a blast to watch and Bullet for my Valentine who given the current circumstances now have a chance to become my new favorite Welsh band, an opportunity I’m sure they’ll rise up to.


Some of the bands I have already seen such as Papa Roach, Escape the Fate and Blitz Kids, but as they were good last time I saw them it makes me want to see them again, particularly Papa Roach who are one of my all time favorites.

Papa Roach med res press shot Oct 2012_LR

Of course seeing all the bands we want to is not exactly easy and clashes are inevitable. For one we were in a bit of a predicament on who to see out of Down or Europe, on one hand Down sound more badass and probably have a wider catalogue of songs, but Europe have The Final Countdown. Korn and Turisas also clash which is a shame because they both sound good, but if I had to choose I’d probably favor Korn. Also on the last day with Rammstein as the headliner Limp Bizkit are playing the Encore stage, though they start about a half hour before Rammstein even come on, so our main aim for a situation like that is to just prioritize, manage our times well and such.

Limp Biztkit

There are some bands that I definitely won’t be seeing though. Some of the clashes that occur are just too bad, like Dragonforce who I would’ve liked to see but I really don’t want to miss Papa Roach so I’d have to give them a miss. Also the Hives are very good live but again I don’t want to miss Iron Maiden, and I have already seen the Hives before. I also might have to give A Day to Remember a miss as their set is right in between 30 Seconds to Mars’s and it would be too awkward to split the times between them. Also the band Page 44 were put on one of our team member’s blacklist as a band they said were rubbish (ouch).


If we have gaps and are clueless on who to see we might just go for bands with the best names. For example how many times can you say you’ve seen a band called Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats? Or go for whatever band sounds cool, or should I say Kool as quite a few bands substitute their Cs for Ks. Perhaps the best band name were a band called Hang the Bastard. If there’s any bands on the main stages we’re not really assed about seeing we can check out some of the smaller bands, and who knows, we could find a hidden gem amongst them.


So those are the bands we’ve planned for Download. We’re not banking on it going exactly according to plan, but what I can hope is we have a great time, rock out to some of our favorite bands and maybe even have a new favorite here and there. I’m sure though it’ll be something to write home about.

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