With Download Festival just under a month away one of our main priorities was to practice putting the tent up. Jordan said he would be bringing his own tent that all four of us could share so we would only need to put up that one tent making life easier, right?


(Not our tent)

Well the first thing about the tent was that it was in a huge gym bag. To add to that it weighed quite a fair bit as well, this was merely a sign for what was to come. When we took the tent and poles out of the bag we had to unwind it down. The area it covered was at least four times the size of the ping pong table we have. As we were doing this inside we didn’t have to peg it down. Our first challenge was figuring out which poles go where. They were colour coded so we could tell where each one would go and the bigger poles would go in the middle. With that in mind we started to feed the pole through (from this point on I am going to refer to the tent as) the Mega Beast and fitted it in the holes. It was a three man job, we needed someone on one side feeding the poles through, someone on the other side making sure they get to the other end and someone to hold the Mega Beast up. Once we had all the poles in place we needed to pull it out and tie the ropes onto solid objects. With that the Mega Beast was propped up, but it wasn’t over yet.


(Not us)

When we got in the Mega Beast it was really quite dirty so we had to get out the dustpan and brush and clean out all the crap. As all four of us were going to be sharing the Mega Beast we wanted just a little bit of cleanliness. As the Mega Beast was such a big tent there were separate compartments that we would use, a double compartment and two single compartments leaving space in the middle for our bags (maybe even enough space to play football as well). This was more simple than it looked as there were plenty of clips to attach the compartment to the inside of the tent but you had to try and find the best way to attach them all without trapping yourself. The double compartment went up just fine however when we went to put up the two single compartments there was only one. The other compartment forgot to get packed, but Jordan said he’ll have it ready for when we go so that’s all good. The only other thing we need is to get another few poles as one is broken. But aside from that we’re good.


(Our tent)

I didn’t stay for when the Mega Beast was actually put away although Kayleigh said it wasn’t as hard as it looked so I guess that’s a good thing. So we’re one step towards preparing for Download, but something tells me that putting the Mega Beast up in a field might be a bit harder.

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