Spectrum Games Night 2 Summary

Posted: May 7, 2013 in Other
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On Friday 3rd May we had our 2nd Spectrum games night. I think it came around quicker than a lot of people were anticipating as some people like Jack and Jimmy already had plans then. Regardless the games night went ahead as planned.


What we did was put the sofas in the computer room and had 2 TV’s at each end. One TV would host the tournament game which was Injustice and the other TV had Rock Band for those who wanted to rock out. Things didn’t start out smoothly as one of the guitar controllers went bust. We had the adaptor and we even changed the batteries but we still could get no response from it. Luckily though I brought my guitar controller to use, so crisis averted.


With Jimmy (our regular Beat-Maniac) absent more people got a chance to have a go on the drums as well as guitar and singing. Everyone had a rocking good time on Rock Band (even if they did get booed off). Some standout performance mentions went to Marcus who managed to achieve a full combo singing Wanted Dead or Alive, Cameron who sung the most unusual version of Don’t Stop Believing (basically singing at the right tune but just saying Nyah nyah in place of the lyrics), Jordan simply for attempting singing like Corey Taylor and me (no false modesty required). One thing I can say for a fact is rocking out is good exercise, so who’s to say that video games discourage exercise? Rock Band calls bullshit on that.


For the tournament we did the game Injustice which is a fighting game centered around the DC universe. There were 6 of us playing and we had 3 1 on 1 rounds and then the 3 winners competing in multiple games against each other for points. Whichever character we picked we had to stick with throughout the tournament. I went out in the first round losing to Sabrina. In hindsight I probably should’ve picked a quicker character than Bane. Out of the final 3 (David, James and Sabrina) the overall winner was James. After the tournament we spent the rest of the time playing more Rock Band and some matches on Super Smash Bros Brawl. Just like before we got our food from Piccolo Pizza for us to share.


Overall was our second games night fun? I will say yes, despite my humiliation on Injustice. If we could improve on anything though I’d say give more notice to people about when the games night is because I think it definitely came sooner than expected. And also try and get a working guitar controller. Sure I brought in mine but some people still like to play bass as well. That aside though I did enjoy it.

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