Pointless Live review

Posted: April 23, 2013 in Lives
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Personally I enjoy watching TV game shows. They’re fun to play yourself at home and test your knowledge or to laugh at people who give daft answers. My personal favourite game show is the BBC series Pointless which is sort of like the inverse of Family Fortunes, instead of common answers you have to find obscure answers. Me and Dave went to see a live recording of it in London, but how was it?


As the episodes we saw haven’t aired on TV yet I’m going to refer to all the contestants and questions anonymously to avoid spoilers. Before the show started and the contestants were getting ready they had a warm up guy for entertainment and to tell us about what to do on the show and to be aware of the cameras. And let me tell you they have some big cameras, certainly not the kind you can find in your local Currys. There was even one which has the auto-cue what Alexander Armstrong reads off. And to attempt to clear up the confusion of whether Richard Osman’s laptop is on or off he doesn’t have it plugged in, so it must either have an incredible battery life or he just pretends it’s on.


We saw a total of two episodes being recorded. The audience is warned to keep quiet whilst the show is in progress, and as tempting as it is to blurt out the right answers to correct the contestants you have to resist doing that. That’s not to say you have to be completely quiet, when the bar goes below 80 you have to gradually go ooooooohhh and then applaud when the bar stops so there is quite a bit of audience participation to be had, even if it is merely background noise. What is also noticeable is that the live recordings are considerably longer than the actual show on TV is, obviously bits have to be edited out to fit the time slot, whether it’s to cut down on talking or even an F-Bomb from Richard Osman (I was seriously not expecting that). Also after the rounds there were certain parts, often just one line that they have to re-take before moving on to the next round. It’s all well and good but it does leave you wanting more of the questions.


What I think would be interesting is when the finished show Is aired to see how much was cut out, because some conversations with Alex and the contestants were noticeably longer than the TV series. Even some of the speeches the contestants make before they go out go on longer. Most of the contestants got through the show without a hitch, however one couple only had to get 93 points and they’d be through, but the partner gave a risky and rather foolish answer, got it wrong and they went out. His partner was not happy, she tried not to look mad but you could tell from her rambling that she was frustrated. It wasn’t so bad for me though because if I’d been on the show I could’ve gotten through most of the rounds (hooray me). Another thing that was interesting is we got a sneak preview of a new format they’re using for the Pointless final. How does the final round work now? You’re going to have to watch the show to find out (spoilsport, I know).


So what did I think of Pointless live? Well I enjoyed it. It was interesting seeing all the fancy equipment they used to film and getting the audience to interact made you feel more like a part of the show, and you even got to see Alex and Richard shaking hands with and talking to the contestants (plus you saw Richard Osman for the giant that he is :O). Only thing is though you have to keep quiet, if you get an answer you have to do it in your head. If you prefer to think out aloud and don’t want a long show then you’d be better off watching it on the telly, but if you want to feel like a part of the show and see how it all comes together then I’d recommend it.

Audience tickets can be bought here.


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